Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas break Busyness

hey guys, so I'm finally on my christmas break! I broke up last thursday and so far I have done a lot but hardly anything at the same time, (that probably doesn't make any sense, haha). 

So on thursday I had a half day at school, I came home about lunch time and then after that I changed into comfy sweats and had a full on pretty little liars marathon. During the last summer holidays I was hooked onto it, yet after we went back to school homework got in the way, so I've finally got back into watching it. I think my favourite couple has to be 'spoby' (Spencer and Toby) I mean they are adorable. I'm currently on series 3 episode 5, I'm aiming to try and finish series 3 and 4 before series 5 premiers, hopefully i'll make it hehe. 

Yesterday (friday 13th, which is supposed to be unlucky but was a very good day for me), I went to the cinema with my friend to see The Hunger Games; catching fire. Let me just say it was amazing. I remember I read all three of the books in either 2010 or 2011 and was so happy when I heard they were premiering a movie of then first book in 2012, so when this movie came out I knew I had to see it straight away. 'Catching Fire' certainly didn't disappoint my expectations, I was on the edge of my chair throughout the entire movie, my friend and I probably got on the nerves of the rest of the audience a bit as we couldn't hold our tiny screams whenever there was a little suspense haha, oops.  Normally the movies are never as good as the original books, but honestly I enjoyed the films just as much as i enjoyed the books!

And ok, get ready for this, I'M GOING TO MILEY CYRUS' BANGERZ 2014 TOUR!!!! Me and my 3 best friends are going next year. I was so happy when I heard she was doing a tour, as soon as I heard she was coming to the UK I knew I had to go. I've seen Miley perform once before back in 2011 at the o2 London arena. Back then Hannah Montana was still on daily, ohhh how I miss the old disney programmes. I literally can't contain my excitement for 2014 now, wooo.

Any way so 11 days till christmas, the days are speeding past, like reindeers on christmas eve (I'm sorry i had too haha). 

Maija Lily Xx


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