Monday, 9 December 2013

Coffee Shop Chalkboards

hey guys, it's once again the dreaded monday. Who even invented monday? haha. Anyway so yesterday my family, and my friends family decided to go to Spitalfields Market. It was quite chilly, so I just had to wrap up warm in my faux fur coat. Whilst we were wondering around the stalls we came across lots (and when I say lots I mean lots) of fur stalls. They were either selling faux fur or rabbit fur. I'm not completely sure how I feel about rabbit fur, but I don't know some people may really like it. There were lots of cute Christmasy stalls. There was one particular stall which was selling cute little Christmas soaps, they had snowmen on them and reindeer, father Christmas, candy canes, they were just really really cute. My sweet tooth also managed to spot out a Lola's cupcakes stand, which I have to say looked extra Christmasy with its lights wrapped around the stall and all the Christmas cakes. Also right outside the Market was a benefit makeup shop which I couldn't resist looking through the clear glass windows into the shop, although we didn't have time to go in *sad face*. 

Anyway so I've noticed for ages all over tumblr there has been cute coffee shop chalk board pictures, and I have become slightly obsessed with them. I'm not sure what it is about them, I guess they're just really cute, hehe. So whilst I was in Spitalfield Market we passed two little coffee shop which both had these little chalk boards. Originally I walked past them, then I quickly ran back because I knew I just had to take a picture and post it on here.

So, back to the monday frowns. Today at school we had a non-unifrom day so I wore my green knit sweater which I have shown in one of my previous blog posts, jeans and Uggs (because my feet were too cold for any other shoes). On top of having non-uniform day we also had a cross country race against the whole school. Me and my friend (who arn't the sportiest of them all) managed to finish at 26 and 27 out of roughly 100. So its been a pretty busy day. 

On a better note, 16 days till Christmas!!! woooo I hope everyone is counting down with their advent calendars like I am.

Maija Lily Xx 

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