Friday, 20 December 2013

"Five days 'til Christmas"- Cheetah Girls.

Hey guys, I think its now the appropriate date to sing 'Five more days 'til Christmas' by the Cheetah Girls, because it is well the 20th december and 5 days until christmas woo! 

Yesterday, we took my little brother to see Father Christmas. Before actually seeing Father Christmas we were given these 3D glasses and we watched a little film that they had put together which was really quite cute. Then after all the little kids got to see Father Christmas and tell him what they wanted this year (ok I did as-well hehe). 

After seeing Father Christmas we got on the train and went to Winter Wonderland, which is a Carnival of a sought which takes place in London every year around christmas time. It was so pretty there; there were lights, christmas trees, rides, funhouses, food stalls. It certainly got me in a very Christmassy mood. I did ponder on whether to make a blog post on it but I am going back there with my friends so I decided I would do a post on my outfit and take pictures their when I go back. 

Today, my Grandma and I went to get our nails done. As I've said before I am really quite indecisive, so it took me a while to decide what colour to have. I knew it would have to be something that matched not only my dress for Christmas but also my other clothes. I was deciding between a pretty silver and the colour I actually got which is really dark red-dy, bronze, browny colour which has a gorgeous shimmer to it. It is the colour GERMAN-ICURE by OPI.

So, has everyone got all their Christmas shopping done? Only 5 sleeps until xmas, normally I'm wishing for the days to go faster but they couldn't go any faster this year! I'm not complaining though, haha. 

Keep counting down on your calendars!

Maija Lily Xx

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