Monday, 2 December 2013

Monday Blues & VS fashion show 2013

hey guys. It's safe to say I have a serious case of the Monday Blues. 4 days till the weekend, I'm not sure if I'm going to manage to last, haha. I'm sitting right now with (surprise, surprise) my green tea and also these really cute mini gingerbread cookies. I've got my homework by my side- I really should start it! 

I know I'm a little late but I just have to post about the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2013, and how stunning everything was from the clothing pieces (underwear garments) right down to the runway and decor, as well as the models who looked as amazing as ever as they wore the wings that never fail to leave me awe struck! 

This is maybe one of my favourite pair of wings from the show the colours all just look gorgeous together like a stain glass window. Karlie Kloss looks perfect in them.

Behati Prinsloo truly looks like a Victoria Secret 'Angel' as she wears these wings. They are so perfect, it makes me wonder how proud the people who designed and made these wings and garments would feel at that exact moment.

Lily Aldridge wears the 'punk rock' look as well as staying right on trend as it includes the all in 'tartan' pattern that seems to be on a lot of clothes recently. The wings are a gorgeous fiery orange colour and are tipped with peasant feathers. love it.
Candice Swanepoel. She looks absolutely amazing in this white garment which is covered in delicate flowers, as well as the 'wings' which are also made of the flowers. It gives off such an innocent aura.                                           
It must be pretty daunting walking down the runway with all the 'angels'. I cant say I would be able to do it and look half as amazing as Taylor swift did. Honestly she looked amazing as she wore a silver mini dress which was embellished with diamonds and crystals. She could of been mistaken as a Angel herself!
And lastly I have to talk about the $10million bra that Candice had the opportunity of wearing this year. Is it worth $10million you may ask? and in my oppinion it totally is! I cant get over how breath taking it is with all its embellished diamontes, and scalloped edging. wow. I cant even imagine walking down the runway wearing a bra with that value, I mean Candice had to have body guards surrounding her at all times whilst wearing this! 

So anyway, how amazing was the show! I'm so jealous of all the lucky people who got to witness this in New York. One day I hope to be in the audience watching the show, you never know it could happen. We'll just have to see where my fashion bloggin' adventures take me!

Maija Lily Xx

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