Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The season of Coats

hey guys, its wednesday. Two days till the weekend. This week has seemed to move at snail pace! I'm currently doing homework, but I really needed a break.

So this season I've noticed boyfriend coats and faux fur coats have been very in! I'm totally loving this fashion statement. I love how they can just make an outfit, they're good for evening and something as simple as just going out shopping. I've got my own faux fur coat and I absolutely love it. Though I could really do with a 'boyfriend coat' as well, hehe! Personally I think they are just a must-have in your closet. I like how some of them have the slouchy look and can just really compliment your outfit, whether you where them with jeans and a sweater, skirt or even a dress. you can get them reasonably priced on just regular high street shops such as Topshop or Zara and then you can get them at top end designers such as Max Mara. Kim Kardashian has especially caught onto this trend. 

High street boyfriend coats 
Topshop - £60-200                                 


Zara - £60-150

Kim Kardashian styles them perfectly as she wears a selection from Max Mara and also topshop. 

I really do think i'll have to invest in one especially in these colder months. Its a must have. 

Anyway so guys 21 days till christmas. Its coming around so fast and I still haven't written my list oops! I just cant wait till I get my christmas tree. Then it will feel like christmas. yay. 

Maija Lily Xx


  1. I love your picks! The plaid one is my favorite, Zara's plaid is the best! xo

    1. They really are the best! I've already got my eyes on a Zara coat this year, haha.
      x x


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