Sunday, 19 January 2014

Carnaby Street

hey guys, its been a while. I feel bad, I haven't written a blog in like eternity haha. So how has everyone's 2014 been so far, keeping to those new years resolutions I hope. 

So far in 2014, Ive managed to watch the complete Gossip Girl series, and let me tell you I could watch it over and over again. It just made me fall in love with fashion and New York even more. 

So its Sunday today and I just got home from a lovely day in London with my cousin Zoe, we went to Carnaby Street. (I currently feel like I just took a swim in Antarctica so I'm just going to go and put the kettle on a make a green tea). Ok, I'm back with my green tea and ready to type! 

So I got the tube to Oxford Circus, which is where I met Zoe (my cousin), and from there we walked down to Carnaby Street.

 The coloured buildings behind it reminded me of that old TV programme 'Balamory'. It wasn't too busy which was quite nice. 
We walked around a bit until we found a Starbucks (it wasn't that hard to spot since they're on nearly every corner haha). We both had Iced Mocha's even thought it was freezing cold, don't judge haha.

After we had sat down for a bit whilst we drank our drinks we got up and wondered around a little. We came to this little sectioned off area which was full  of little boutique shops and cute little cafes. There was a cute little hat shop but there was no photography allowed inside *sad face*. We did however take some pictures outside this cute little cafe. 


(I of course used my polaroid haha)

We then went on to walk around again and came to one of my all time favourite shops, Brandy Melville. They only have two shops in London (that I know of) so when I found out that there was one in Carnaby I literally freaked out! I was in my Element. I managed to get two things in there, a really nice grey top and a burgundy beanie (which I'm sure will be featured on here sooner or later)             

After leaving Brandy Melville we walked around a bit until we came across some traditional red telephone boxes, so we obviously had to just act like total tourists. 

We then walked around a little more until our legs began to ache, and then we went into a cute little cafe where we had fresh lemonade.
We then parted and I got the tube home, it was a good day!

I wore;
black petite leigh jeans - Topshop
silver and grey baseball style top - Hollister
a black coat - zara (a few years ago)
and my little black boots - new look (also a few years ago)

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and gets through tomorrows monday blues!

Maija Lily Xx


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