Monday, 27 January 2014

Covent Garden & The Laduree

hey guys, so its monday. I just got back from a run around the block and I'm now sitting here with a green tea and a macaroon, mmm. It is freezing cold out right now so I'm currently wrapped up in layers upon layers.

Yesterday (sunday) me and one of my best friends decided to go to Covent Garden in London as we really wanted to go to the Laduree, (a place which is originally situated in paris which sells macaroons, there are only a few scattered across the countries; paris, New York and London). 

We got the tube to covent garden and then just wondered around a little until we came across the Laduree. Whilst we were wondering around we saw lots of different circus acts, there was this one man who was juggling knives (I certainly couldn't do that), a lady singing with maybe not quite the best voice, a man who was riding on an unicycle. We wondered around the market part and saw some art work which was based on old films like dirty dancing, grease and so on. Once we got to the Laduree I was mentally jumping with excitement. 

I bought a selections of six (which you could handpick yourself) 

I picked 2 vanilla macaroons, a raspberry one, chocolate, praline and strawberry and marshmallow. So far my favourite will have to have been the vanilla one although I still haven't tried them all. 

After getting our Macaroons, my friend and I went to Starbucks to get a drink and warm up a little. I got a Iced mocha again (Im really starting to get addicted to them hehe). 

After that we once again wondered around a little and I saw this adorable sign outside a sweet shop.  
(you guys know how I am with my cute little chalk boards haha).

I wore;
black petite leigh jeans - Topshop
grey turtle neck thin knit crop top - brandy Melville
black boots - new look (a few years ago)
leather jacket - new look

Any way I hope everyone survives this week, I'm trying my hardest to (although its only monday and I'm already ready to curl up in my bed and never wake up! haha)  

Maija Lily Xx            

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