Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year - 2014

Hey guys, so Happy New Year! I cant believe its already 2014, I mean 2013 sure did fly by! 

I hope everyone had a lovely New Years Eve, whether they were at a party or with family and friends just at home. My family and I settled on the latter option, haha. My cousins came over and we just all had sour pj's on and ate food, we also did fireworks although they were no where near as impressive as the London ones, which we watched on the t.v. 

Pinch punch first day of the month.... no returns. hehe.

I hope everyone has had perfect start to the year today (Jan 1st 2014). All of my family met up and we went out to lunch. 

New years resolutions... hmm, has everyone come up with theirs? These are mine for this year:

  • Become fit and healthy (cut out as much junk food as I can and exercise more)
  • exceed and achieve more on my blog
  • Discover a new hobby
  • have a thorough sought out in my room (haha)
  • Save up for an apple mac book laptop
  • try and start a youtube channel
  • bake more
  • discover new places to go 

Im sure I will think of more as the year goes on, but I hope to, at the end of 2014 look back at these and tick of as many as I can. 

On another note, it has been two months since I started this blog hehe, bring on the balloons.

Heers to an amazing year where everyone will set out to acheive their dreams, and if not this year then the next.

Maija Lily Xx

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