Friday, 7 February 2014

Its the weekend, finally! & Getting that summer body

hey guys, so its the weekend finally. Saying that, I don't know where this years going its already February! And it still hasn't snowed. I'm kind of hoping for it to snow then straight after for it to be summer, but we all know its still at least several months until I can get my shorts, skirts and dresses out again.

So recently I've been trying to keep especially healthy. Ive been going on runs three times a week; Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Making sure to give myself rest days. Also I've been trying my hardest to keep all the junk food out and its not as hard as it seems. You have to be motivated, if you aren't you wont be able to follow through. Just think about about the end results, that's what I do, I think about how happy and healthy I'll be in the summer. 

One of the hardest things about sticking to healthy eating is wondering what to eat when you get peckish, I would know. Yet I have found that instead of going in the cupboard and grabbing a biscuit or chocolate bar rather go for a healthier option:

  • Eat some unsalted cashews (or any unsalted nuts, whichever you prefer). 
  • Eat some healthy fruit biscuits, dried fruit, frozen fruit. 
  • Put together a smoothie (which is something I'm aiming to do more).
  • Cut up some cucumber and carrots with humus.

The lists are endless. And if you are really craving something sweet try maybe organic popcorn; this turns out to be one of the healthiest snacks for your body   and polyphenols are the reason why. Polyphenols are a type of chemical found in plant foods that help neutralise free radicals, (no I'm not talking about microwave popcorn or the popcorn at the movies). 

Another is dark chocolate which is no where as fatty as milk chocolate and is actually quite the opposite from a bad food and is tested to be quite good for you (every now and then). I also find myself staying away from fizzy drinks and squashes (not just because of my braces haha), and tend to stick to water and green tea. Green tea is another one of those things which is so good for you - but I have to warn you it's a required taste which you may not like at first (I didn't) but after a while you will get use to the taste and really start to enjoy it. Green tea is good for many reasons one of them being because it speeds up your metabolism. 

The Lindt one is known to be especially good.

If you are like me and tend to put things off if your not reminded, then I would suggest you could set reminders on your phone, or even just little quotes that you find motivational. 

If, like myself you don't have an easy access to a gym, there are so many apps to try out which give you a good workout or youtube channels. Personally I use the '7 minute workout' app. It gives you a full body workout, you do each move for 30 seconds. Then on youtube I tend to do workout videos to 'Blogilates', there is over 200 different videos to choose from alternating from full body workouts to focusing on your legs or stomach or arms and so on. So just get some cute workout clothes, some new trainers. Trust me, it will motivate you so much.

Its quick and easy. I mean it takes seven minutes, you cant go wrong.

Five months till summer, start now or regret it later.

Anyway so its valentines day next Friday, has everyone got their valentines? Or are you going to sit watching rom-com's with your best friends. Whatever you do I hope its extra lovely. 

Maija Lily Xx


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