Saturday, 19 April 2014

Portobello Market

hey guys, I have honestly been so excited to write this post. Today, my mum and I went with my best friend and her mum to portobello market. Ive been wanting to go there for a while now since my mum told me about it, (I'm kinda  a sucker for markets). 

I'm not going to lie and say it was the best market I've ever been to, but it really was quite cute. I fell in love with the pastel coloured houses. If only it could have been a sunnier day...
After wondering around the streets for a while, in the process coming across some 'different' ideas- there where crisps on a stick. Which me and my best friend found rather intriguing, "I mean how are you supposed to get the crisps on the sticks without them breaking" we were wondering this until we figured that they slid the potatoes on the stick before frying them into crisps, haha.

My best friend and I being the bubble tea addicts that we are then noticed people walking past us with 'bubbleology cups' and so headed off in a trek to find the shop. On the way we went passed a hat stall, and I have recently fell in love with floppy hats. So when I saw they had almost a replica to the one I was about to order online from asos I couldn't resist trying it on and then fell in love with it even more, and it just just too nice to leave behind.

We then eventually found bubbleology. I got a strawberry tea with strawberry and passion fruit boba (juice balls).

I loved all the different fashion stalls whether they were old retro clothes or brand new they all had so much originality in them. I'm hoping to go back in maybe the summer when the weathers warmed up a bit and I can actually stay outside with out freezing my butt off, haha.

Anyway so its easter tomorrow, I hope everyone has a perfect day spent with their family and friends (and remember a little chocolate never hurt nobody, haha).

Maija Lily Xx


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