Tuesday, 22 April 2014

"Window shopping"

Hey guys, so today my grandma and I decided to have a girly day in London, specifically covent garden (although we ended up walking through bond street, picadilly and so on). As soon as we got to covent garden we decided we wanted a drink and headed for the Ladurée (one of my all time favourite places in the world, I mean how could you not love it there). It wasn't my first time at the Ladurée but last time I went with my friend and we just picked some macaroons to take away whereas this time my grandma and I went upstairs where there was a sit down cafe/restraunt. As soon as you walk upstairs you get this delicate French vibe, the colours, furniture and just the way they set everything out. It was gorgoeus. 

So as we sat down we looked straight at the menu's and I decided on of course a green tea (typical Maija) and both my grandma and I got the ISPAHAN macaron which was a Rose flavoured macaron filled with rose petal and lychee cream, and embellished with fresh raspberries. 
It was honestly the most delishious thing I had ever tasted. 

After finishing every last crumb (haha), we went back downstairs to leave but not before getting a few mini macaroons to take home. We then set off on our "window shopping". For me window shopping is the worst and best thing, because it's so fun looking at bags and pairing it with outfits but then again it's so hard not to just walk out the shop with it on your shoulder. 

Walking down bond street will always be one of my favourite things, it just reminds me of a scene from devil wears Prada of something. I loved looking at all the new spring/summer stock. 
We passed a cute little flower stall on our walk down bond street (I kinda love flowers a lot). 

We then walked towards Picadily and walked down the Burlington Ardcade which I absolutely adored it was so cute I loved all the little shops. Funny story, I saw a glove boutique whilst walking down the arcade and have now decided I want a "afternoon tea party" for my 15th birthday party and that I really want to go to afternoon tea, haha. 

Anyway this post it pretty much me just blabbing on about how much I love shopping and the Ladurée and now apparently I love afternoon tea parties, haha.

I just looked at the time and realised this all actually happened yesterday now, woops.

Maija Lily Xx


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