Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Life update, Fashion Magazine's, and Scrapbooks?

hey guys, exam season is officially over at school and I have under a month until I break up for the summer holidays (sighs in relief)! 

As I am in year nine at the moment (half way through high school), I recently had to pick my GCSE options which I have now already started in this last term before the end of this academic year. I chose art, drama and history. It kind of sucked because my school didn't give us the option for textiles as a GCSE subject as they don't have the facilities but after I spoke to my art teacher she reassured me I could include textiles into my art projects, so that worked out pretty well. I also have to do the core subjects which are english, maths, science and french. 

In other news, summer holidays is going to mean MANY more blogposts, so thats something I'm looking forward to, yayyy!

This is only a quick little update I guess, as I still have homework to do (whoops), but I felt that it would be nice to 'talk' to you guys.

Today I actually received something pretty cool, my little brothers friend's mum (that was a mouthful) gave me some past issues of harper's bazaar magazine from where she had had a subscription but no longer wanted the magazines. Some of them go as far back as late last year yet I'm loving looking through them and seeing what fashion trends have stuck and what I maybe missed out on, I'm just a sucker for fashion magazines full stop. 

I'm actually wondering whether to cut all these magazines up and start a scrapbook where I can just put anything in from pieces of clothing that inspire me to even just a design that I like or even just sketches of mine. Ive been wanting to do that for a while so maybe now I've got all these magazines its something I could do... maybe thats something for me to start on in the summer. hmmm. 

Anyway, I have a busy weekend coming up so be sure to expect at least one post up (maybe more). I look forward to sharing with you my exciting weekend.

(also good luck to those who have just like me, recently started their GCSE lessons)

Maija Lily Xx

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