Thursday, 31 July 2014

A spontaneous summer day

hey guys, so I feel bad because I completely and utterly failed at blogging my day by day experience in Orlando, it just sped by so fast. On the first few days my excuse is jet lag. I was waking up earlish yet I got so tired towards the end of the day due to the five hour difference between orlando and the UK, so when we got home at the end of the day I was literally falling into bed. Then when I finally got over the jet lag I have the sucky excuse of 'having no time' but that really was the problem. My family and I were starting the days off early and coming back late as we tried to fit everything in. 

Anyway, The rest of the holiday was AMAZING. I visited disney a few more times, went to universal (where I went on the roller coaster 'the hulk', I was really quite proud of myself as I'm not a roller coaster person), we went to a few shopping outlets, the mall at millenia (where we went to the cheesecake factory and let me tell you the cheesecake did not disappoint). It was an amazing, unforgettable trip. 

Yesterday, (wednesday) me and my friend met up in a local restaurant for an early lunch where we got sushi. 

After catching up on about two weeks of gossip and being very full of sushi we walked to the train station where we decided since it was only about 1 in the afternoon and it was such a lovely day we spontaneously decided to get the train into London to go to Selfridges. As we came out of the train station we 'purposely' walked in the wrong direction of Selfridges (note the sarcasm), although it turned out not so bad as Suki Waterhouse walked past us but neither my friend or I thought to ask for a picture with her as we stood in shock, haha. 

After finally walking in the right direction and arriving at our destination we walked straight to the wonder room (well sort of straight there- we made a little stop at the bag section, hehe). In the wonder room, currently there is a 25th anniversary special for magnum ice cream. Where you can create your own magnum. I had the original vanilla ice cream with white chocolate coating and honeycomb, meringue pieces and 'shiny silver balls' as toppings (you could pick three).

After those deliciously filling ice creams we walked around a little then found a park where they gave out little picnic blankets to sit down on so we did that for a while before we decided it was finally time to head home. 

I wore: 

striped T-shirt dress- brandy melville
bag- Michael Kors
shoes- Steve Madden
sunglasses- coach 

So I guess you could say it was a very good, spontaneous summer day. 

Maija Lily Xx

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