Sunday, 13 July 2014

Florida Day 1: Walmart shopping and disney

Hey guys so I'm currently in quite a different location... I'm in Florida! Me being absolutely obsessed with America was really quite excited when I found out I was going to Florida for my summer holiday so I'm super excited now I'm actually here.

Weather: I'm a summer person not a winter person and when you live in the UK it's very rare that summer will even pass by so the weather here is definitely a bonus. It's very humid but I don't really mind it as it's still better than cold winds. My family have witnessed some rain so far, nevertheless I'm not complaining as it isn't cold rain like you get in England it's the kind of rain which is refreshing. 

We arrived in Florida on Friday afternoon. Our plane landed about 4 pm yet by the time we got to the villa it was about 6. We then settled down a bit before driving (in our abnormally big car) to a little food store to get the basics as well as getting some pizza (I think we got enough to feed an army). 

On Saturday (our first full day) I woke up quite early, although I'm not complaining as it's better than waisting the day away. My little brother and I then went in the pool with our uncles a bit and just spent the morning lounging around and laying in the sun. We then all quickly freshened up before going to walmart. I have to say my excitement for our trip to Walmart was rather funny. Anyway we spent a while in Walmart whilst I think everyone ran about putting things they thought looked nice in the trollies (I'm guilty of it) before we left and headed back to the villa to do some more "lounging about". 

Later that day we headed for disney! I think I was probably more excited than my little brother who is 6 (I'm 14) haha. As soon as we entered the first disney gates there was an option the get either a ferry or a monorail. We decided to go on the ferry. 

We then got to the other side of the river where we had to sign in using our disney cards (I had the Minnie Mouse one). typically it decided to rain now so we all rain into the nearest shop where we got those theme park rain ponchos things as well as all the girls getting Minnie Mouse ears. I got the original type ears. Me and my mum also got matching Minnie Mouse phoned cases.

After a while the rain finally finished and off came the ponchos. The first and only ride we went on was "it's a small world" (I still currently have the song stuck in my head). It was super cute. 

We then just walked around a little. We decided to not queue up for any rides as 
were going back to disney again and decided to do all the rides the next time. So we just walked around taking pictures and absorbing the magicalness of 
Disney, haha.

We decided to stay for the night parade and cinderella castle fireworks which was SO exciting. The parade was seriously so magical all the lights and floats were incredible.

The videos I got were amazing I wish I could show your guys but I'm not sure how to upload them onto here as I'm currently working on an ipad not my computer. 

We then saw the fireworks... (Again I took my videos than photos and I don't know how to upload them). 

It was just so magical. 

Anyway so today is day 2 in Florida and I can currently here my little brother and uncles in the pool so I think I'm going to go and join them haha. 

Kisses (from Florida)
Maija Lily Xx


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