Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The good life eatery

hey guys, so today I met my cousin, Zoe, in South Kensington as we were both desperate to try out this cafe/restaurant that we had heard so much about. It is called 'The good life eatery' and it specialises in healthy, organic, vegan food (not just vegan, yet there are vegan options). We are rather late trying out this place, I actually read about it on another blog and texted my cousin telling her about the place and she said she had also been wanting to try out the place!

I had heard about it being on the smaller side and quite 'cosy' - and it really was - it was quite a narrow space and only a few tables at the back so my cousin, Zoe, and I decided it would probably be best to get take out. 

Before going, I had looked around a bit at what other people had ordered when there. Someone had ordered something called 'the goodness bowl', and it looked so yummy, so when we got there I immediately knew what I was going to order. 

In this 'goodness bowl' there was; pad thai with cashews, teriyaki broccoli, avocado, beet root dip with thyme, sesame-spelt crackers, and sweet potato quinoa balls (which were my favourite bit).

Our initial plan was to get the bus to hyde park with our good life eatery take out but we both agreed it was a little too chilly (summer's coming to an end:( ), so we walked into the closest Starbucks (which actually happened to be two doors down) and went into there to get a warm drink and luckily we were allowed to eat our food in there. 

We then walked down a little wondering what to do until we figured we could go to the V&A museum, as Zoe had never been. I didn't mind going again- I mean I could never get tired of looking at fashion through the years.

I wore;

Top- pacsun
Jeans- Topshop
Denim jacket- diesel (my mum's old jacket)
shoes- converse

I was a lovely day, it's always nice to go to somewhere different sometimes. 

Maija Lily Xx 

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