Thursday, 30 April 2015

April Favourites

April has sped by a little too quick for my liking. For the first two weeks of april (give or take) I was off of school for the easter holidays then as soon as I got back it was straight into our end of year exams - which I have now thankfully finished.

So basically april has consisted of; studying, taking pictures of the pretty blossom trees and watching 'sex and the city' religiously, haha.

beauty wise I haven't been wearing a lot of makeup in recent weeks due to the fact that I'm back at school but in the few weeks of april that I spent on easter break I had been obsessed with this new mascara I have discovered.

1. The mascara is the maybelline colossal volume express. Normally I stick to my usual benefit 'they're real', or my lancome mascara but I decided to venture out and try this new one and it honestly makes my eyelashes look 6ft long (ok, maybe not literally).

2. The nail polish is by the 'Essie' brand and it is in this gorgeous lilac periwinkle colour called 'go ginza'. I am not technically allowed nail polish at school so during the school terms I tend to wear nude shades or a clear coat if anything, so you can always count on me having a coloured nail polish during the holidays. 

3. The lipgloss is by the brand 'Dior' and as I've said in previous blog posts- I am  obsessed with the Dior lip maximiser so recently I decided to try out a coloured lipgloss. It is the most gorgeous pinky colour with a gold shimmer. Perfect for spring, I actually believe it is limited edition for this spring season… so if you want to try it out!

4. Last but not least for my beauty favourites is the 'flower bomb' perfume by 'Viktor and Rolf'. I think it is honestly just the perfect 'spring' perfume, it has got a floral sent to it yet it is not too overpowering, just right. haha. 

As you can see from the picture above my fashion favourites are all quite simple. I have a school uniform so it was only during the holidays and weekends at the moment that I wear my own clothes. But during the weeks I had off at the start of april my 'go to outfit' was ripped jeans, either the denim shirt or a white tee, and my leopard slip ons. Simple. 

1. Workout clothes. I actually very much enjoy running. Not competitively, but just going for a jog around my area, and as soon as it hits spring and the weather warms up I start to run again. So deciding that I needed to invest in a good sports bra, I picked one up from Victoria secret at the same time as getting the nike running leggings that are in the picture above. Summers coming, so you know what that means…

2. The denim shirt is something I got towards the middle of april and I'm already obsessed with it. I feel that it is that type of clothing item that you can throw on quickly, yet it can look stills chic.

3. The leopard slip-ons. The leopard slip-ons that have been featured on my blog way way too many times. It took me a while to break into these shoes (trust me, I went through multiple packs of plasters) but it was all worth it in the end because they are possible the comfiest shoes I own now.

Random favourites!! Ok, so whenever I watch youtubers do their monthly favourites my favourite section to watch is always the random favourites. So I thought I would include all the little bits and bobs I've bee obsessing over.

1. Scheduling. Don't judge, but especially during the holidays at the start of april my guilty pleasure was scheduling my days, which may seem a little ahead of my time being that I'm 15 but I found it so fun. It also made my days seem longer and during the days that I planned out I seemed to get much more done.

2. My mug obsession is getting out of hand, but when I saw this mug in an anthropologie store in London I just couldn't leave it (I mean… its got the letter 'M' on it!) To go with the monogrammed mug -and my blog's name- I have been loving this jasmine decaf green tea. From the same brand I had been drinking just their normal decaf green tea then my mum picked this up and just wow, its amazing. If you can find it in your local supermarket try it out !!

4. For my birthday I got the 'sex and the city' complete box set series. I have seen episodes before but just not in a consecutive order so recently I have been watching episode after episode after episode seriously, I can't be stopped, haha. 

So, I thought todays blog post was something a little different from the norm. I hope you enjoyed a little peak at what I've been loving during the month of April. 

Comment what you've been loving this April, maybe it can inspire me for some of my favourites for the month of May.

Maija Lily Xx



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