Sunday, 2 August 2015

July Favourites

So here's yet another blog post where I tell you my obsessions of the month; interesting or not, haha.

Its supposedly summer at the moment but you wouldn't know from the weather here in London! Luckily though I've just recently returned from a holiday in Malta where it was most definitely summer - so if summer never does turn up in London I can at least say I got some use out of my summer clothes.

I didn't have lot of favourites this month yet the things that I did like… I used a lot. 

1. Beauty favourites. My first 'beauty' favourite is the Hawaiian tropic sunscreen, honestly the only way I can describe the smell of this sunscreen is by saying it smells of summer! Do you know what I mean?

2. The 'coco mademoiselle' perfume. I have been wearing this perfume for the entire month of july everyday - which is probably why I've nearly finished it, haha. This perfume is one of those scents which just just cannot get bored of as its definitely not too overpowering yet the smell lasts unlike some other perfumes.

3. 'Chanel Soleil Tan De'. This is the chanel bronzer and I just wondered to myself why I haven't written about this before, this is a creme bronzer and honestly it is amazing. This is another product that I would recommend without hesitation. I have been wearing this bronzer for over a year now - especially in the summer when I skip any foundation and just apply this bronzer. 

4. Pink lip products. I've become obsessed with wearing pink on my lips, its honestly a problem, every time I go out and see a pink lip stick I feel the need to add it to my collection, haha. If you read my Amsterdam day 3 post you would have seen I mentioned going to the shop Hema - well I bought the lip liner and lip crayon there they were very cheap so I thought 'why not' but they have surprised me at how good the quality of them are; especially the lip crayon as it is very pigmented. Then the lipstick from mac is in the shade 'chatterbox' and I've had it from a couple months now and it is a permeant products in my handbag.

5. Last of the beauty favourites is this 'Clarins 'After Sun Moisturizer' which my mum told me I had to add into my favourites and it again smells of summer in a bottle. I'm not a big fan of creams as I find they take ages to dry on my skin but this creme is so silky on my skin. 

1. Next is my fashion favourites. Lets talk about the shoes… I have a lot to say about them and not all good things, haha. Okay, these lace up sandals in a baby pink suede look amazing on and off theres no doubt about it although the after mass of wearing them in the sun was slightly - permanent. It may or may not have been partly my fault as I may or may not have forgotten to put sunscreen of my legs but the sandals gave me criss cross tan lines all up my legs which are still there to this day… oh joy! 

2. Crochet. I have been loving crochet at the moment and to go with the halter neck top I have matching crochet trousers - its definitely one of my more out going outfits and I definitely got a couple stares but I love it. 

3. Bikini. When summer arrives so do new bikinis… this scuba material bikini is from 'missguided' and its my favourite bikini this year, I think that it is so fun and different and reminds me a lot of the 'triangl' swimwear which I love. 

4. Last but not least for my fashion favourites is my new sunglasses - my first pair of Ray-bans! How cool are they! I'm kind of obsessed with them and they actually may be my overall favourite of the month. 

1. Theres not a lot for my random favourites but they're still just as important. First of all the shopaholic book series. For my birthday last year my mum got me the most recent shopaholic book but I surprisingly hadn't read any of the other ones. Luckily my mum has them all so now Ive read up to the third book in the series. At points in the book I actually found myself laughing out loud at 'Becky's' lies or her reasons to why she most definitely needs a new pair of shoes, haha. 

2. A selfie stick. I felt I couldn't live any longer without one in my life… just kidding, but they are very handy! I'm not quite sure why I didn't get one sooner. 

3. Last of all… my guilty pleasure - playing sudoko! When at the airport before I went to Malta I bought one of those mini sudoko books but it ended up getting wet by the pool and got ruined so I downloaded an app which maybe wasn't the best idea as once Ive started playing I can't stop, haha!

So that's it for all of my favourites for the month of July. I can't quite believe its August already! 

How's everyone's summer going so far?
What were your July 'must-haves'?

Maija Lily Xx


  1. Those sandals are SO cute!!


  2. Those sandals are SO cute!!


    1. Thanks Shauna I've been really loving them !

  3. What amazing favorites! Love them!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  4. I love that missguided bikini and definitely looks like Triangl! Such a great brand, I actually just put up a post about them, let me know what you think! x

    1. I'll definitely check out your post as I've been wanting to get a triangl bikini forever !!


  5. love this dear :)
    have a beautiful day


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