Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas Day 2015 - What I got !!

Christmas has been and gone, just like that. It's now the day after the day after christmas and I can fully confirm that the food coma is still here, as well as the many piles of presents that are scattered around my room; I seem to have the mentality that once all the presents are put in their new homes it officially means christmas is over. It seems so crazy that after the nearly month long build up to the christmas day, its over just like that

Like every other year, my inner child came to surface on christmas morning when I woke up at an ungodly hour before running into my (little) brothers room to wake him up. We then went on to open up our stockings, my brother going for the manic route as wrapping paper was thrown in every direction whilst I took a more "sophisticated' route (says the 16 year old who still believes in santa) and carefully put my wrapping paper in one pile and my presents in another organised pile. After the food and family - or family and food - the christmas stockings are one of my favourite parts of the 'xmas festivities', all the individually wrapped presents are always so fun to open, all the cute little bits and bobs. I got some lovely things in my stocking; Selena Gomez's new album (which I'm pretty sure I already know all the lyrics too), some new Victoria Secret pyjamas and enough Victoria Secret knickers to last me a lifetime as well as many other little 'nic nacks'. 

My family has an unofficial rule that we can't go downstairs to see what Father Christmas left by the chimney until 7:00am, so after waiting until it hit seven o'clock on the dot we ran downstairs to find an array of presents of all different sizes.

Not holding back at all, my little brother and I unwrapped our presents with full force, and I was met with an amazing pair of Isabel Marant Bekket trainers, which I have been lusting over for quite some time now. I'm not really a trainer kind of gal - I've always leaned more towards ballet pumps but these Isabel Marant ones just caught my eye. 

I also got another pair of Victoria Secret pyjamas as well as 'the softest dressing gown you will ever feel' (and you can quote me on that), and some lovely items for my room including a gorgeous silver sequin throw and enough candles to light a small city. 

After opening all the presents under the tree we all retreated back to our rooms to 'play' with our toys in my brothers case and for me to 'admire' mine. 

A few hours later all my family arrived and we all crammed into my dining room to begin on the overwhelming amount of food that seemed to be cooked (I would know based on the amount of potatoes I peeled).

A few crackers later we were all jam-packed into the living room where the christmas tree seemed to be seconds away from being swallowed up by the uncanny amount of presents beneath it. From then on to the time we were back in the dining room for dessert, all I know was that it was total mayhem including some Mariah Carey singles and an avalanche of wrapping paper, however I seemed to leave the room with some vouchers, books, more candles and a new lipstick from Mac - Velvet Teddy which I have been dying to get my hands on forever !! 

I had a lovely Christmas surrounded by my family and am eternally grateful for everything I received. 

On boxing day I spent a sufficient amount of the day in my new Victoria Secret pjs just relaxing and taking in all the previous day's christmas madness before getting ready to see my other family for yet another yummy dinner - including my Grandmas infamous roast potatoes... mmmm. I was also lucky enough to receive even more presents; including some more Victoria Secret pjs (because I didn't already have enough - not that I'm complaining, because well, you can never have enough), a lovely knit jumper and my Grandma absolutely spoiled me and got me tickets to the London Fashion Weekend in February which I'm sure we'll enjoy together for a lovely girly day out, so I'm very much looking forward to that!

I once again had a lovely evening, again surrounded by my family, being absolutely spoilt. I hope that everyone also had an amazing day, whether you celebrate christmas or not, and spent it with all your families and loved ones.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Maija Lily Xx

ps. let me know how you spent your christmas in the comments, I'd love to know what everyone else received!



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