Friday, 1 January 2016

Bring on the New Year - 2016

Not to be cheesy or anything but, wow, a whole year has been and gone as quickly as it came around... how crazy. 

A clean slate, I think that's what people call it; a chance to forgive and forget, a new year for new goals, another year to make many more memories. I agree with all those statements, I really do, yet I also believe that any goals you didn't achieve should be followed through to this new year. As if it is a goal you are truly passionate about, it is worth the years of persistence.

Memories will follow you through life, and I've definitely made some amazing ones this year. I went to my first fashion show and have another one to look forward to next month, I went on my first 'sorta' girls trip with my cousin to Amsterdam, I've now been a pescatarian for a year - which is a big achievement for myself, and I of course made many other amazing memories with my family and best friends. 

The future is so scary to someone like me who likes to have everything planned to a t. I like organised plans and structured schedules and I like to know whats going on at all times, last minute plans freak me out and I'm the worst at anything to do with change. Yet this year I really want to push my own boundaries and do things that I wouldn't ordinarily do... However I don't want to think of them as 'new year resolutions' because I mean of course I've made some, as every other person did as they clinked their champagne glass with someone and muttered the words 'new year new me', but when are 'new year resolutions' ever really followed through? I want to think of them as slight improvements, a few tweaks to my already very fortunate life. 

As I said earlier, the new year is like a fresh clean slate, a plea for motivation. And yeah I know there's that whole 'carpe diem' stuff, but sometimes you just need an entire new year to really set yourself straight and ready for new challenges. I know I've got a lot of challenges coming my way this year; from my GCSE's, to starting an entire new school next September, to learning to drive and I'm sure many unexpected challenges will also surprise me along the way, all that I'm going to persevere through, as should everyone when they meet a bump in the road. 

I hope to achieve so much this year. I hope that I am successful with my upcoming exams. I hope that my blog continues to grow and most importantly  hope that my friends, family and I have another healthy year. 

So I say, bring on the new year.

Maija Lily Xx


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