Saturday, 23 January 2016

Pretty in Plaid

'Pretty in Plaid' is a bit of an oxymoron, wouldn't you say? To me, plaid was always a no-go and just seemed so... tomboyish, which don't get me wrong isn't a bad thing - it just isn't really my style persay. So when I came across this plaid bomber jacket on the Topshop website I was taken aback at how quickly I fell in love with it. There was just this girly element to an otherwise quite boyish jacket.

I would always hear people talk about how 'their wardrobe staple is a plaid shirt' and I never did understand their attraction to plaid - until now, that is. 

I think my dilemma was that I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to 'pull off' the plaid and risk looking unkempt rather than 'casually cute'. So here is how I styled my plaid bomber jacket - without looking 'unkempt'. 

My first tip when wearing a more 'boyish' jacket is to cancel out the 'masculinity' by adding touches of 'femininity'. For example; high knee boots and maybe a lip colour. The detachable faux fur collar also adds a girly element, which I absolutely love... I love anything with faux fur though so it wasn't a surprise. 

However, today I styled this plaid jacket with my denim Topshop leigh jeans and my new obsessions aka my Isabel Marant trainer heels which follow the idea of a really 'relaxed' look, keeping it very casual. Which I think is the only way to go with plaid (or as far as my comfort zone will take me).

Today my cousin, Zoe, and I met up in covent garden for a well needed catchup, I just really needed to get out the house after two weeks of full on exams at school! Any fellow Londoner will understand how busy covent garden gets, but we eventually found a table at Paul's patisserie where we both got the most amazing almond croissants. As well as a green tea for me and a coffee for Zoe to help warm us up in this bitter British weather. We chatted for what must have been hours before we realised we should head to the destination we wanted to do my outfit photos before the sun set. 

So we walked down to this gorgeous street just outside the Savoy hotel in London, where we snapped away on the camera. 

Zoe took some gorgeous photos of London whilst we walked along the strand before sitting on the terrace of Somerset house and chatting for another hour and a bit.

How do you style your plaid?

Maija Lily Xx



  1. London is seriously gorgeous. I wish I could visit it in more detail. Love that coat. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. London really is so gorgeous, even on gloomy days. Thank you for reading Xx


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