Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A fresh start

Change is good sometimes. I'll admit I'm not the best at it, and I'll often stick to my bubble of comfort. Yet sometimes you really just need a change; a change of scenery, a change of style or even a change of people. However, what I really needed was a change of blog templates. I was tired of mine and I thought, "If I'm finding my blog template outdated... what do others think?".

Although content is important when writing a blog, the physical appearance is equally (if not even more) important, as if you think about it, no one wants to spend time reading a blog that they find isn't aesthetically pleasing, I wanted people to be able to take my blog seriously. So I decided I had to up my template game immediately!

It really was quite hard parting from my original blog template, I was very much apprehensive at the start as my previous blog layout was what I started with and what I became used to for two consecutive years. I was proud of it, though at the same time I knew it was time for a change; I've grown up, my tastes have changed and I also know that in order to differ myself from any other blogger I need to create website that realistically represents me at this moment in time.

I did my research, you have to when creating such a personal website. Yet I eventually found the template company pipdig.com when I saw Tanya Burr's 'new' blog layout and saw that she worked with this company to create her very up-to-date blog.

The templates do cost, though its a little price to pay when your furthering your passion for blogging. The website is so easy to navigate around as it clearly gives you multiply options; blog templates for blogger.com and for wordpress.com so that they will be especially suited for your preferred website.

My blog is with blogger.com so I clicked to see the template suited for them and was left wanting to start multiple blogs purely so I could purchase more than one of the templates. They are all so gorgeous. I had a brief idea of what I wanted my blog to look like. I had already looked at many other blogs to see what sort of image I was going for. I knew I wanted my blog to look clean, clear and also to be easy to understand. I was stuck between choosing 'the grid' layout or a more traditional layout like the 'Style & Light' layout. Both were equally gorgeous and both were different but the same image I was aiming for.

I eventually settled on the latter layout, as I wanted to keep it more original as my blog is still in its baby years. I also loved the simplicity of it and the overall classy vibe I felt that it represented.

If you haven't noticed, I've also now got my own domain name - which is kind of really cool. I was a bit nervous at the start (not that that's surprising) because well change just makes me nervous but I think it will be really good in terms of other people remembering my blog name. It'll hopefully be easier to type in the the search bar, therefore being much more accessible.

I'm so, so, so excited for my new theme. Not that I was uninspired or anything, but with this new change of blog templates I just feel so much more inspired. I can't wait to take some outfit posts soon, so I can see how it'll look against this new theme.

So if I haven't already stressed it enough, I'm super excited about my new theme and super grateful to my dad for helping me install it.

My blog will now be able to be found at www.greenteavogueandme.com as well as www.greenteavogueandme.blogspot.co.uk

Let's see where this 'fresh start' takes me...

Maija Lily Xx



  1. We have to agree with you, how your blog looks is probably more important than the content. Althogh it is a shame considering how much effort we put into writing our posts, but sadly people do judge books by their covers!

    M + K

    1. I definitely agree, it can be a shame when you put time and effort into a post. Thank you for commenting.


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