Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Stripes & Denim in Camden Town

Hey guys, so today being the last full day my cousin, Jakob, was staying here in London with my family and I, we decided to head to Camden town as it was a place he had never been to and its always nice to walk around the Camden markets and such. 

We headed off fairly early, meeting our other cousins at the station then all getting the tube together to Camden town. 

I love camden, I love the artsy vibe. The fashion, the fashion is crazy there's a lot of 'punk'; doc martins, big 1940's/1950's punk dresses with all different prints, I saw pop art prints, polka dots and so on. 

I didn't buy anything whilst I was there, yet I found these really really (emphasis on the really) cute pictures which where framed with scrabble pieces stuck on them. For example there was a picture of Audrey Hepburn with the word tiffany's spelt out using scrabble pieces. Once I redecorate my room (hopefully later this summer) I will head back to camden market to get a few once I know what I'm really looking for. 

I've also got my eyes on a pair of vintage levi 'mom'/'boyfriend' jeans yet they didn't have the correct size which was a shame, its all really luck in vintage shops whether you find something you like and that is in your size I think. Maybe next time I guess.

I wore:

Striped t-shirt dress- brandy melville
denim jacket- diesel (it is my mum's from about 12 years ago)
shoes- classic white converse
bag- michael kors jet set travel

Its was a super fun day, and it was a bonus that the weather managed to stay nice throughout nearly the whole day. 

Yesterday, my cousin and I went to the cinema to see steup 5, which I had been dying to see for a while so that was nice. Then after that we got the tube to my local mall to get nando's which is a restaurant that is only (as far as I know) in the UK. So its been a fun few days here in london. 

Maija Lily Xx

Monday, 11 August 2014

white x white

Hey guys. So yesterday my 12 year old cousin, Jakob, flew into London from Amsterdam to spend a couple of days with my family and I. Our 'itinerary' is pretty packed as my cousin wants to try and fit in as much as he can into our very few days (I mean its not every day he gets to come to the UK, haha). 

Today we 'conquered' central London; Bond street, Oxford Street, and Carnaby. We started the day off pretty early knowing we had a lot to do, leaving the house at about 9:30am and arriving in bond street about an hour later we headed straight for starbucks (the both of us needing a little wake me up drink). After finally being ready to take on the London streets we looked around some of the shops (more specifically I headed straight to the Victoria Secret store where I surprisingly left with no bag !!!). haha.

We then found our way to oxford street, where my cousin managed to find a few cosy sweaters to buy. I have to say though, I know the shops have to get a head start in their seasons, but its quite depressing having to see all the autumn/winter clothes while we still have a little less than a month of summer. If you can't tell I'm trying to stay in an oblivion where it is permanently summer- very realistic, I know, hehe. 

Our original plans where to head to nando's for lunch, but after us both agreeing we where too hungry to hunt for a nando's any longer we found a Pret A Manger right next to Carnaby street where we got a few snacky things. I tried for the first time 'kale chips' which I had been wanting to try forever, and let me tell you they did not disappoint, I guarantee I will be purchasing them again.                                                    

After we had walked around Carnaby for a little we decided it was probably best we headed home before rush hour began, otherwise the tube could be described as more of a sauna, and its not the nicest experience. Yet just our luck as we began walking 'the heavens opened' and we had to quickly sprint into the closest shop near us, and from then on we began 'shop hopping' as we ran between shops trying to stay as dry as we could. Finally we got to the tube station and got the tube home, our luck turning around as we both managed to find a seat. 

So other than the crazy rain which took us by surprise it was a pretty good day. 

I wore:

White t-shirt- Topshop
white jeans- Topshop
Shoes- Steve madden
hat- Portobello market 

I've been loving the whole 'monochrome' look at the moment so decided to be a little daring today and try the look out myself. 

What's been your favourite trend at the moment ?

Maija Lily Xx

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