Monday, 24 August 2015

Style Crush: Olivia Palermo

Okay so recently I've been going on Pinterest a lot more (probably a little too much - but lets overlook that) and I've been 'pinning' a lot of fashion inspiration particularly street style… particularly Olivia Palermo's street style.

This is definitely one of those 'how does she do it' moments - as in how does she make a simple jeans and shirt outfit look so, well, for better words chic !!?

Prepared to be amazed and left in wonder to why you've never been able to make an plain shirt and jeans outfit look quite so good. Along with the white collarless shirt and ripped jeans she added a gorgeous pair of red heels to add a pop of colour. 

style tip: when wearing a simple outfit aka jeans and white t-shirt/shirt always try to have a 'stand out' item to really bring the outfit together - maybe a patterned pair of shoes or a statement neckless. It just adds that extra 'oomph'.

For this second outfit I have been dying over it ever since she wore it last year. I am absolutely obsessed with the monogrammed blanket cape from burberry that many 'women in fashion' were caught wearing last year such as Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rosie Huntington-whiteley. Just see for yourself…

Next of my favourite looks is again a very simple outfit - the classic double denim ensemble. It has also got me wanting to repurchase a denim skirt! Paired with some simple nude strappy heels and a black belt to break up the denim a little this a must have look in any OP wanna be wardrobe.

For this look we have some strong Pocahontas vibes… but I'm totally loving it! I have been loving anything suede at the moment so its no surprise that I've taken a liking to this super cool 'neutrals' outfit. 

I keep wanting to say 'this is my favourite' but it really is impossible for me to pick a favourite out of all her looks. Yet, if I were to pick a favourite this one would definitely be in the top three. Again, it is a very simple outfit, but sometimes you'll find the simpler the more effective. 

Still following on from the whole 'denim' vibes we have her next look that Ive actually searched the entire internet for with intentions of recreating the look. Its all left me still puzzled and questioning whether she has magic powers !? You can see here that after having the simple jeans and bardot shirt she's added a super colourful bag and shoes as her 'staple pieces'.

How do you feel about stripes ?? Well I'm obsessed with them (they're probably my favourite print) which is why I'm probably so in love with this next outfit I'm about to show. Vertical stripes are always found to be a very flattering print as they elongate and slim out your body. 

This next outfit was worn by Olivia to an event and its safe to say even without seeing the rest of the outfits worn by others I know she won best look. The Dior fall 2015 has the most gorgeous embroidery and in all honesty I don't quite have the words to describe just how much I love it.

So can we all agree that Olivia Palermo somehow manages to 'rock' every outfit she puts on. In fact I'm about to order a white shirt - not quite sure how my wardrobe lasted this long without one, haha!

So if you somehow weren't aware of the street style goddess; Olivia Palermo, have I got you worshipping her every outfit yet??

Are you more of a simple outfit kinda person or do you prefer more 'out-going' outfits ? comment below. 

Maija Lily Xx


Friday, 21 August 2015

Mandatory Brunch Catch-up & The Importance of a White shirt

It's official... My favourite meal is brunch and I may or may not spend my time researching new 'trendy' brunch places in London. It's really lucky my cousin, Zoe, shares my passion for brunch otherwise I'm pretty sure she would get annoyed when I'm sending her new brunch places that we must go to every 5 minutes - I'm really not joking. 

Anyway, so I recently came across this restaurant called Bourne & Hollingsworth building and it has its own brunch menu... that's when you know it's gonna be good, haha !! So the interior is 100% Instagram worthy - yes whether it's Instagram worthy or not is definitely important, priorities people ! But when we got there we found out the brunch menu is only served on the weekends (which in reality just means we have to go again) so we ordered from the lunch menu - which I wasn't a massive fan of but the chips were a-m-a-z-i-n-g so it was all good.

Can we also talk about the copper basket they bought the break in… I'm in love !! 

It was really nice to have a catch up with Zoe to talk about all the latest gossip aka the pretty little liars midseason finale !!! (is anyone else still freaking out after watching it!?).

After we finished our 'brunch' it was only about 1:00pm so we decided to head back into central London where we went to covent garden to walk around a little more and just chat.

Like most of my outfits recently my outfit was very simple. I wore a white shirt with my very worn ripped denim jeans and my espadrilles.

I love love love this look as although it is such a simple outfit to wear and style it seems to be appropriate for close to every scenario. 

I think a white shirt is a staple in a wardrobe as like I said it is such a easy clothing item to style and wear; it can be worn with jeans, trousers, skirts. The one I'm wearing is actually courtesy of my mums wardrobe as I have yet to find the perfect one to get, haha.

Jeans - Topshop
Shirt - Dolce & Gabbana 
Shoes - Asos
Bag - Balenciaga
Sunglasses - Rayban

Maija Lily Xx

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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Secret talent & my all-time favourite handbags

It's true… I have a secret talent that not many people know of; its not baking (even though I do love to bake), no its not hanging objects aka spoons on my face (although that would be cool) no its knowing the brand of a handbag by seeing merely the strap or zip of the bag - trust me its a talent.

Don't believe me? once, just before we broke up from school for the summer holidays my drama class and I was in Covent garden for a school trip and all I saw from the corner of my eye was the corner of a leather slouch bag with a metal edging - which could obviously only mean one thing… Stella McCartney!! Impressed ??

Any who, I thought sharing my not so secret any more talent with you all would be a fun 'intro' into my new post: My 'all-time favourite handbags' - just incase you were desperate to know, haha. 

Unlike my 'talent' its no secret that I am most definitely a 'bag girl' I mean I could spend hours upon end looking at different bags even the same bags in just different colours… 

'All time favourite handbag' No.1 would have to be the Chanel classic flap bag. With a lot of bags you will find that they have a seasonal shape or colour meaning they quickly fade out of fashion yet this is one bag that I would happily  wear until I'm on my death bed (even then I'm pretty sure I would want it next to me, no jokes). If only I could some how get around the rather expensive price tag which leaves this bag on the 'one day' list.

'All time favourite handbag' No.2 would be the Celine luggage tote I loved it for a couple of years now and like most bags there is a variation of sizes of the bag I love both the classic size and the celine luggage nano which is an across the body bag (I can never resist an across the body bag) - so cute !

'All time favourite handbag' No.3 would definitely be the Saint Laurent sac de jour, I'm sooooo in love with this bag. Unlike the previous bags I've shown I like this bag in this gorgeous pink colour which is just so bright and fun and again its cross body bag - my fav. 

'All time favourite handbag' No.4 is the Stella McCartney 'Falabella' tote. I honestly love this bag in every print/fabric/colour there is. It is such a gorgeous casual styled bag that any body could easily style.

'All time favourite handbag' No.5 is the oh so amazing Hermes birkin bag which I think represents an aura of sophistication… ughh the things a bag can do! For this birkin bag I love the classic tan leather because as I just said - its a classic.

'All time favourite handbag' No.6 is the Prada Saffiano in navy which is more of a structured bag and of course I'm just in love with it.

'All time favourite handbag' No.7 is the adorable Chloe drew cross body bag. Never have I seen such a cute bag, especially in this lovely ballet pink colour!! I'm addicted to cross body bags !

'All time favourite handbag' No.8 is neither a cross body bag or a tote yet a YSL clutch; the the monogram chain leather clutch. I love this bag as I feel that it is very 'wearable' for better words - it could be both dressed up or down.

'All time favourite handbag' No.9 is the Givenchy Antigona leather tote. I'm always 'umming' and 'urrring' about grey bags yet I always seem to love this structured style bag in grey… again like the bag above I think that it is very wearable and can be used casually during the day or even paired with some heels during the evening for a dressier look.

'All time favourite handbag' No.10 is not exactly a handbag but I had to sneak it on this post because I love it so much. It is the Louis Vuitton Pegase suitcase yet another 'one day' item. 

So there you have it… my 'all time favourite handbags (and a suitcase)'. 

As I'm typing this I'm looking out my window and I see rain - a lot of rain, so much for summer right !! 

Also my bedroom walls have officially been stripped of the horrible wallpaper it once had so step 1 to 'redecorating' my room is complete.

Maija Lily Xx

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