Sunday, 11 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide - Under £60

I wasn't sure whether or not to do another one of these gift guides, but I had so much fun writing it and finding all the gifts last year so I thought, why not!

Christmas is definitely my favourite time of the year for all it's festive greatness; the movies, the music, the mince pies (that I'll make but won't eat)... I turn into a true buddy the elf (name the movie reference)! 

Recently I've been online - but then again when am I not - looking at all the cute christmas releases, and 'things' in general. There is just so many cute things that I definitely wouldn't be upset to see under my christmas tree. So with only 14 days till Christmas I decided to surf the world wide web and put together a christmas guide that no girl could say no to.

4. Charlotte Tilbury Legendary eyes party bauble - £20
5. MAC Nutcracker Sweet Nude Lipstick Kit - £26
6. The White Company cashmere socks - £35
7. Personalised Necklace - £52
8. Charbonnel et Walker truffles (for the chocolate lover) - £21
9. Cubic Zirconia Earrings - £60
10. Symthson notebook - £45

I hope that you find a little inspiration from this gift guide! 

How have you been spending this festive month of December so far? Is your christmas tree up yet? And how many times have you watched Elf? haha.

Maija Lily Xx


Saturday, 29 October 2016

Bell Sleeves & Boots

We all know I like a bit of alliteration, especially when it means I get to be wearing my favourite knit and my favourite boots of the moment. 

I have a thing for stripes (that's no secret), but I also have a thing for special touches that make a stripe knit a little different from my 100,000 other striped knits - so when I saw this one I just knew there wasn't a chance I couldn't not get it (there's also one with red sleeves that I'm now tempted to get)! I absolutely love the candy pink bell sleeves and think they are just the perfect way to make an outfit a little more fun and on trend. 

With my favourite new knit and my favourite new boots, its was only right that I also wore my favourite new jeans, that you will be seeing very frequently (aka most likely in my next blogpost). 

These jeans have quickly become a staple in my wardrobe and I have to say I haven't stopped wearing them! I've always been one of those people, who if not leaving the house won't wear jeans and will mostly likely be wearing work out leggings or loungewear however these on-trend straight leg jeans have got me wearing them even when I'm at home - yes they're that comfy!

So yes, saying I'm obsessed with these jeans is a little less than an understatement. 

Paired with my striped jumper I love how laid back and easy this outfit is I could easily wear it at home on a chilled out day (most likely with slippers) or how I'm wearing it today with my gorgeous heeled ankle boots that I'm, yes, obsessed with! This outfit is diverse, cool and just one of my favourites of the moment. 

Okay and last of all, lets talk about the boots... I saw these boots online on the Zara website and I just couldn't stop thinking about them and all I did was talk about them to my mum who finally said I should just order them, which I eventually did. And boy am I glad I did, they are the perfect leather ankle boots that every girl needs in her wardrobe especially now in the autumn and winter months! These boots and almost 'sock like' (so very Kanye I have to admit) with their tight fitting and material top. I just love them!!

Jeans - Topshop
Jumper - Zara (couldn't link my knit so linked the one with red sleeves)
Boots - Zara
Bag - Balenciaga

I love this outfit for the pure easiness of it, do you like this outfit? How would you style these jeans?

Maija Lily Xx


Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Ugh, as if! 

Yes, that is 100% a clueless reference; aka a reference to one of my favourite films ever

Ever since I was little and first watched clueless I have been utterly in love with Cher Horowitz's fashion - you know her infamous plaid miniskirts, knee socks, matching co-ords and yes her faux fur backpack. I think her 90's style mixed with her endearing personality which shines through her funny statements is what makes her one of my fashion icons, and all over movie crush!

When shopping in Zara (because I think we've all realised by now this is all I do) I came across this ridiculously cute skirt, which my cousin and I automatically deemed a "Maija piece" and coincidently is is also a "Cher piece". However I left without it and decided to instead put it on my 'Autumn Wishlist' which you may have seen. My grandma actually got it for me after reading my 'Autumn Wishlist' blog, because she's #cute. 

One of my favourite outfits for autumn is a cute statement skirt worn with a high neck knit and my over the knee boots - it is such an effortless outfit that never fails to look chic and it is always my go to look whilst it is still weather acceptable to get away with skirts before jeans and comfy bottoms become to only thing I'll even think about putting on if I'm leaving the house. 

This skirt is a lovely boucle esk material that feels like such good quailty and the texture adds a nice touch to the outfit, when worn with something simple like I did in this outfit as I paired it with my simple black knit and my over the knee boots that definitely aren't unknown on the blog and are never far away from me during the colder months. 

Today my cousin and I met for a long awaited catchup and because we had an exciting afternoon tea that our aunt and grandma booked for us when we got our exam results. We headed to the Pret-a-Portea at the Berkley that I have actually been to before and it was one of my all time favourite afternoon tea experiences so I definitely didn't complain when I found out I'd be going again. 

Since I last went, they have actually redecorated and I have to say not that it wasn't gorgeous before, but now... now it is what I'd call 'instagram worthy'... yes I'm talking white marble!

We had a lovely time; eating until we were in what some call a 'food coma' and we actually both bought home doggy bags full of cakes we couldnt finish because that is something I've come to realise - always say yes to a doggy bag at afternoon tea's!

Knit - Topshop (last year) Similar
Skirt - Zara
Coat - Zara (last year)
Bag - Balenciaga

I'd love to know what your go to outfit is for autumn!

Maija Lily Xx


Saturday, 24 September 2016

Autumn Wishlist '16

Now that it is if officially Autumn (by a couple days at least) I can officially begin my new season shopping, guilt free right?! 

September the 22nd came whizzing 'round, as did the first day of Autumn and I honestly couldn't be more happy about it. Sure, you'll hear me constantly talk about my love for summer and the hot weather but let's be real - when is it really 'hot weather' in England - which is why whenever fall comes knocking my entire spirit changes and my quest of coats intensifies.

(BTW: Second paragraph in and I'm already talking about the weather... could I get any more British, Seriously? Any second now I'm going to be sipping a tetley's tea whilst passionately discussing Brexit!)

I say this every year, and I said it literally half an hour ago to my mum but no fashion will ever make me quite as happy as autumn fashion does. There is nothing quite like neutral, autumnal colours and OTK boots and cute little skirts that you can just about still get away with without freezing to death, no, nothing quite like it at all. 

So without further ado, let's get into my Autumn Wishlist that may be more 'wish' than 'buy' but hey ho...
(Can you tell I have a slight gucci obsession?)

This season with my style I'm kind of taking on a few trends; sporty chic, dressed up/dressed down, girly & edgy. I'm always such a big fan of mixing trends for example I love the look of the two piece skirt and jacket styled with the leather sock boots that add such an edgy vibe. 

Then I love the classic look of an oversized white shirt with a fun leopard print pocket paired with straight legged jeans and casual trainers. 

Another item I'm completely obsessed with is the baker boy hat! It was one of those moments where I saw it, wanted it and well, needed it. I think no matter how many people made fun out of Keira Knightley when she rocked a baker boy hat in the movie 'Love Actually' she definitely had the right idea, maybe just a few years too early. The Baker boy hat has taken over the industry as the accessory too have and I'm so on board. This one from the GIGI X TOMMY HILFIGER collection has me completely head over heels in love and its currently in my asos basket (among many other items!).

Doesn't that gorgeous army green blazer just scream out "buy me". No? Tell me it's not just me! I saw this on the Topshop website and instantly knew I needed (wanted) it in my wardrobe. It is very Balmain like, and although a Balmain blazer isn't in my budget (atm), that doesn't mean I can't get a look-alike. I think a lovely blazer like this one would look so cute worn with a pair of black skinny jeans, over the knee boots and and black knit jumper! Keeping it classy and letting the blazer speak for itself. 

As I said earlier, my gucci obsession is getting a little out of hand. Ever since Alessandro Michele took over as creative director of Gucci the brand has had a total makeover  and has gone from being a bit of a no-go brand to the brand. I'm utterly obsessed with the fun colours, the ruffles and frills and omg the velvet ahhh can we take a moment!! A whole blog post talking about my gucci obsession may have to happen...

Baker Boy Hat - Asos
Skirt - Zara
 Jacket - Zara
Boots - Zara
Sneakers - Gucci
Shearling Jacket - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
Bag - Gucci
Blazer - Topshop
Backpack - Zara
Shirt - Zara
Striped Knit - Zara
Pink Knit jumper - Gucci

I'd love to know about your 'Autumn Wishlist', what trends are you going to be taking on this season?

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend.

Maija Lily Xx


Sunday, 11 September 2016

15 Fashion Questions Tag!

No, I didn't disappear off the face of the earth, I did however disappear into mountains of school work that just seem to grow and grow. The mountains of homework is due to the fact that the dreaded "back to school" posters returned and then I returned back to school a week ago after a very nice and very long summer. 

I havn't had any time to shoot any outfit posts recently, but I don't like to leave my blog this long without some sort of update, so I decided to do something different which I guess you would have already seen from the title - a 'Fashion Tag'. 

I'm pretty excited, as I've read and watched these 'tag' posts and videos for years so now I'm answering the questions. Is it weird that I'm nervous?

Okay, let's get into it before I manage to ramble myself into forgetting the point of this post. 

1. What is your favourite style to wear?

I think that at my age it's hard to put the label of a certain style on your wardrobe. My style changes depending on my mood at the moment, I mean I'll always have my statement style; a pair of skinny jeans, ballet pumps, a blouse and a statement jacket or coat. However, I can easily be rocking a head to toe sporty chic outfit one moment or a typical classic girly girl outfit the next. So for now I'd like to say my favourite style is a little bit of everything; girly, classic and a little bit sporty. Or in other words I have what you could call a 'city girl style'. 

2. Who is your fashion role model?

First of all, let's tweak this question just a tad... "favourite fashion role models" because I don't have the decisiveness to pick just one of my favourite fashionistas. Let's start with Olivia Palermo who is the epitome of classic cool girl chic. I have actually done an entire post on my love for her style which you can see here! I love the way Olivia Palermo is able to make a pair of jeans, trainers and a white shirt seem like a whole new trend every time she wears it. My next fashion role model would have to be Blair Waldorf although yes I know she is only a character from (my favourite) tv series but her wardrobe is something I'd break the law for. Blair is definitely a large part of my fashion inspo, she's able to wear any outfit with so much confidence and her character for sure gave me the confidence to experiment with my own wardrobe. When talking about fashion role models I couldn't not mention Cher Horowitz, who again yes is a character from a movie but she's one who I again greatly envy the wardrobe of. (if you also die for clueless fashion I recommend you look on the Zara website atm!) I love the two pieces, cute little skirts and yes the "Alaia coat". Last of all for my fashion role models, I have to mention Selena Gomez who has had an absolute fashion transformation recently and I just can't get enough of her distressed, casual and enviable new style.

3. What do you always have on?

Now, I have to admit when I first saw this question the strong sarcastic force within me immediately said "clothes, duh" which was followed by an eye roll but I'm not completely clueless so I did know what this question meant. So to answer the question seriously, something I always have on is my Tiffany & Co Necklace and my Michael Kors bracelet.

4. What are your favourite jeans? 

My favourite jeans are all from Topshop, not because I love them (which I do) but because of their petite range which tends to my 'vertically challenged' problem. But despite that I really do love their jeans and I have to say I recently tried on a pair of 'jamie jeans' after hearing everyone and their mother talk about them and omg I'm not sure I can ever go back from them...

5. What are your favourite sunglasses?

Sun is sometimes just an old myth here in England, but regardless of that I do like to always have a pair of sunglasses on me even in the cold because (#lifehack) wearing sunglasses in the cold will stop your eyes from streaming and your mascara running. So my favourite glasses would probably be my classic shaped, tortoise shell coach sunglasses that are the perfect classic pair that I can wear throughout all the seasons. However I do also love my Rayban aviators for summer!

6. What are your favourite shoes?

For sure ballet pumps! I think that ballet pumps are the perfect pair of shoes that will go with pretty much every outfit; jeans, skirts, dresses etc. At the moment I love french sole ballet pumps, but in the future I would love to invest in a pair of Chanel ballet pumps. 

7. Who influenced you to write about fashion?

I'm not sure I could really answer this question all that simply. I mean, writing wise I've always been a bit of a literary geek and I've always loved writing. And at the same time, fashion had always been a large part of my life and my personality so it was more a moment of putting two and two together and reading other blogs and thinking 'okay I could do this'. So I guess what influenced me to write about fashion was a mixture of other bloggers and my own passions. 

8. What is your favourite store?

If you are a recurring visiter to my blog then (first of all hello again) I think you could probably answer this, but for the sake of new readers the answer is, Zara... duh. A couple of years ago Zara was the place I would go every now and then if they were having an alright season but as of the end of last year and this year it's become a dangerous shop for be to even pass for fear of spending all my life's savings, no exaggeration. I absolutely love Zara as a store, I think they have the perfect range of classic items, trend pieces and overall affordable yet good quality clothes. I'm always able to find something I want from Zara and I think that the majority of my wardrobe is starting to look like my local Zara store. oh woe is me.

9. Who is your favourite fashion person on the media platform?

In the modern age that is the 21st century, the social media platform is so important, in fashion especially. I - like many others - am so inspired by the bloggers and vloggers of the world. I definitely slightly lean towards bloggers either because I like to read posts or maybe because they're doing the same thing as me and their success inspires me greatly. I do have a long list of bloggers who I look up to and I think it would take me more than just one blog post to talk about them all but if you want to see more than the ones I'm about to list be sure to have a look at who I'm following. Now, my favourite bloggers, hmmm... When reading a blog I love being able to see a persons personality come through their writing, I think it really is amazing. So for that reason some of my favourite bloggers have to be; Sophie from Fashion Slave, both her fashion style and style of writing always have me smiling. Another blogger I love is Diana from Sweatshirts and Dresses who has the most amazing style. Her outgoing style and mix of luxe and high street never fails to leave me envious of her wardrobe. Because my tendency to babble is clearly evident in this answer/novel I'll only mention one last blogger, but it would have to be Tanya Burr. I think that Tanya has such a gorgeous sense of style as well as a personality that shines through her writing and her success through her blog really does inspire and motivate me. 

10. What is your favourite fabric?

Prior to the take over of underwear as outerwear, I would have been slightly put off by this question but now I can whole heartedly say my favourite fabric has to be silk. I can't get enough of the sophisticated, put together and effortless vibe that a simple silk slip can emit. 

11. Who is your favourite model?

Now, this question seems a little random, so I'm going to interpretate it as who has your favourite "model off duty" style. And to answer that question it would have to be both Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner who have such a cool style and seem to be able to throw a bomber jacket and trainers on with anything and look like they just walked off a runway. I also have to mention Rosie Huntington-Whitely who again makes any outfit look 100% effortless.

12. If you had £5000 to spend on any item, what would it be? 

Okay, let's be real I've thought about my answer to this question more frequently than I'd like to admit. However, I'm again going to presume I can spend it on more than one item. I would first speed walk my little legs to the Bond Street Chanel store and purchase a classic flap bag with gold hardware. (Yep not thought about this before at all, wink wink). Which would leave me with roughly £1020 (totally not roughly at all, I researched this). So I would spend my remaining £1020 on a pair of Valentino Rockstuds and a pair of Chanel ballet pumps. 

13. Heels or Flats?

Okay this is a tricky question for me to answer. I love flats as they're comfy, look nice and are practical to wear. However since I'll again mention I'm 'vertically challenged' and so I love heels as they stop me from getting whiplash from constantly looking up at people. So, no I don't think I can answer this. Sorry. 

14. What Handbag do you currently carry?

Currently, I carry (aka I am attached to) my Balenciaga black cross body papier bag that I got almost 3 years ago. It may be the most expensive accessory I own, however cost per wear wise it is probably worked out to be my best purchase so far. It is the perfect classic everyday/evening bag that can be worn with any outfit (trust me I've tried) and is the perfect size. I think when investing in a handbag, unless you have already got a selection of classic bags, you should go for simple designs that are going to pass the test of time. 

15. Is fashion in your blood or your jeans?

Let me just say I'm pretty sure genes is spelt like 'jeans' as a sort of ironic fashion play on words but incase it isn't let me just say I copied it from someone else so... But to answer I would for sure say fashion is in my blood. My mum is very into fashion and is someone I will always trust when buying new clothes or styling outfits. My mum experimented with her style a lot when she was younger and I always love to look back at the photos of her and her fashion choices (good and ... interesting). My grandma is also very into fashion so I again go with the fact that fashion is in my blood. But, I also think that fashion is in my 'jeans' since I'm always taking inspiration from current trends and current times. So to answer, a bit of both!

Well, that was fun. I loved answering these questions, they really got me thinking!

I challenge anyone reading to either leave your answers in the comments below, even just answering one or two questions or writing your own blog post answering these 15 questions.  

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

Maija Lily Xx


Thursday, 11 August 2016

The 90's Called... They Want their Bandana's Back!

Off the shoulder shirt? Check. Bandana scarf? Check. Totally feeling my outfit? Check!

I know I know, yet another post with my shoulders out... What are we gonna do? It's got to the point where I told my mum I got a new top and she literally said "don't tell me it's another off the shoulder top". Yes, I'm getting that predictable. But let's be real (and feel free to tell me if I'm wrong) off the shoulder shirts really are the best things since sliced bread!

Moving on - because you've all probably had enough of me babbling on about my (deep) love for 'off the shoulder' shirts, let's focus our attention on the other very on trend item I'm currently accessorising with. 

The 'Bandana Scarf'

When they say fashion work in circles they really aren't lying, exhibit A; The Bandana's have made a global return from the 90's - and I ain't complaining. In fact, I'm embracing it in every shape and form, you know; tied around my neck, around my head, around my bag... you get the picture. It's almost like...

..."an outfit is never really complete until you tie a bandana scarf somewhere..." - Maija Lily, 2016 (you can quote me on that!) haha.

The point is, I bloody love bandana's at the moment. You know, almost as much as I love 'off the shoulder' shirts *rolls eyes* (that's funny because I'm making fun of myself). 

The best thing about this whole 'back to bandana's' trend is that it is really making it easy to totally transform an outfit; whilst looking so cool girl chic (if I may say so my self). 

Back to the shirt (you know the one) because we need to talk about this gorgeous open back! If I hadn't already loved the shirt enough before knowing about the back detailing, I fell even more in love with it after trying it on and discovering the very flattering 'cross-over' open back. 


And of course it wouldn't be me if I didn't mention my red espadrilles that, at the moment, have quite literally been glued to my feet! And again, it wouldn't be a 'Maija outfit' if I didn't colour co-odinate something, hence the shoes and scarf...

Shirt - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop (old) (similar)
Bandana - Zara
Shoes - Topshop (and now on sale!!)
Bag - Balenciaga (similar)

Have you been embracing these recent trends as much as I (clearly) have? 

Side note: Who else is dying for all the new season autumn clothes!!? I know I'll regret what I'm about to say when it's below 0'c, but I really can't wait for coats and boots!!

Hope you're all having a lovely summer!

Oh, and make sure to follow me on instagram to see what I'm up to!

Maija Lily Xx


Friday, 22 July 2016


First of all, lets talk about the very sunny (and very hot) change of scenery. I'm no longer in the very miserable London with it's poor excuse of summer that is looking and feeling a lot like winter... (although that changed pretty much as soon as our airplane took off!!) no, I'm currently in the very lovely Malta with it's 30 something degree celsius weather - aka what I've been waiting for since I left the maltese sun behind this time last year!!

The thought of hot weather, sun bathing and clear blue sea is honestly what keeps me going through the year - especially this year whilst I was going through what seemed like endless exams upon exams and all I could really tell myself (repeatedly) was that "soon it'll be summer!".

Another thing that (in better words) absolutely sucks about the terrible British weather is that it leaves you in a rather difficult situation in terms of taking blog pictures; I mean how can anyone really look good whilst posing in the pouring rain with their hair drenched and hanging like a mop around their face whilst jumping every few minutes half expecting to get hit by thunder and lightning. But enough with the negativity, I'm now in the gorgeous Malta surrounded by Palm trees, Pools and Pina colada's and I need to immediately dispose of the typical briton inside of me who complains about the weather; "too cold", "too hot", "too humid"!! We're just never happy, are we...

But back to my rather beautiful surroundings. This is my third time visiting Malta, and my third time staying at this hotel, however this is the first time I've actually explored this 'garden maze' and ventured around the hotel instead of being glued to a sun lounger. And all I can wonder is why I didn't look sooner - it is seriously all so gorgeous!! 

I've been wanting the shoot this outfit for a while now and thought what better time than on holiday in the sun and with a tropical background that is just a bit of a change from my trusty white house background.

I love this outfit (or any outfit with an off the shoulder top) at the moment - I think it is just so flattering but still easy to style. It's like showing skin, without showing too much skin - it really is just the perfect summer piece that should definitely be in everyones wardrobes this summer!

I must admit, this post is going to be a tad photo heavy... but there was just so much to capture and I couldn't not share it!!

My favourite thing about this outfit is the pure simplicity of it - I quite literally threw the pieces together and then threw it on! As I said in a previous post, my summer colour palette is rather simple yet I love this as it means pretty much everything can be worn together. 

I will forever stand by the statement "less is more" and that's maybe why I love this outfit as much as I do. The casual white shirt and ripped denim shorts gives off such an effortless vibe whilst the pop of red from the espadrilles just adds 'that extra something'. 

I am definitely sure of the fact that I'll be wearing this outfit all through summer, and even if the now nice British weather doesn't stick this outfit will look equally as good with a pair of boyfriend jeans replacing the shorts.

Shorts - Zara
Shirt - Zara 
Shoes - Topshop
Sunglasses - Rayban

I am such a summer girl, so the sunny weather and heat instantly uplifts my mood, so I know this will be such a lovely blog post to look back on in the (colder) future.

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far whether you are in a tropical location or at home. 

Maija Lily Xx

P.S. Let's all just ignore my obnoxious tan lines, okay.

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