Sunday, 26 July 2015

Amsterdam Day 3

For our last day in Amsterdam we had a very relaxed start to the day, although Zoe and I had got bitten alive by Mosquitos during the night and I now have a very nice bite on my forehead to show, lovely. 

In the morning we had to drop off the bikes we hired so we rode them to the shop which was conveniently right next to the shop Hema which is a shop like 'tiger' that we have in the UK. I got a few makeup products because they were super inexpensive so I thought 'why not'. 

We then walked the short distance to the cafe/restaurant where we had lunch booked, we walked through lots of cute little streets that I of course stopped and took pictures of.

The restaurant was called drover's dog and was an Australian branch (a lot like granger & Co), I got a musli and yogurt bowl topped with poached pears... gosh I could eat that right now! 

By the time we got home and did some last minute packing we had to leave for the airport, but overall it was still a lovely day.

I had a great time in Amsterdam and I know my cousin Zoe did as well (even if the bikes did leave our bums aching) and we are both very thankful to our family for having us stay with them.

Till the next 'girls trip', haha.

Maija Lily Xx


Saturday, 25 July 2015

Amsterdam Day 2

Rather than yesterday, today started out at a much more reasonable time; I actually got about 11 hours sleep so I was definitely ready to go and was overall thankful for my very long sleep as we were riding bikes all over Amsterdam all day... That its self is a story to tell.

For our second day in Amsterdam myself, my cousin Zoe and my cousin Jakob who actually lives here spent the day together. We left at around 11:30 and went to hire some bikes so we could get the 'full Amsterdam experience'. I'm not going to lie I probably hadn't been on a bike for about 6 years so it took me a little while to remember that I actually had to move the pedals in order for me to move, haha. 

After finally - sorta - getting the hang of the whole 'bike thing' we rode off into the sunset... Just joking we rode into the city to wonder around Albert Cuyp Market and to get some lunch. 

After walking around the market and getting a fresh juice we walked down this cute little street called Gerard doustraat which had the cutest little boutique shops down it (definitely somewhere I would recommend going). We came across the most adorable 'mini department store' called Anna + Nina which sold lots of cute 'trinkety' things. I got the cutest cards which I plan to frame and put on my walls, but in all honesty I could of bought the entire store. 

We then set off to get lunch as we were all feeling a little hungry by now. The blogger; Niomi Smart went to Amsterdam a couple of months ago and went to this salad place called SLA and my cousin Jake who lives there had also been there already and said it was super good so we decided to give the place a go; it did not disappoint. I made my own salad consisting of lots of super yummy healthy stuff, haha. 

We then retraced our steps and found our bikes (people actually forget where they put there bikes sometimes!!) and headed further into the city to try and find the '9 streets' which is basically 9 streets of boutiques... How could I resist, yet surprisingly I didn't buy anything- shocking I know !!

We also made a quick visit to the 'Fault in our stars' bench, because we couldn't not.

We were planning on going to Vondel Park; which is the equivalent of maybe Hyde park but there was another park just behind where we parked our bikes so we went in there instead and it was nice to just lay in the sun for a little. 

Today I wore;
t-shirt: new look
jeans: Topshop
shoes: hightop converse
bag: balenciaga

After laying in the park for a little longer than planned we headed back to get dinner at this really tiny pizza place that is soooooo yummy; I got this amazing pizza that had just an oil and pepper base with fresh mozzarella on it .... Mmmmmm. 

Day 2 was just amazing as day 1. Finding out that I can still in-fact ride a bike was fun too, haha.

Maija Lily Xx

Friday, 10 July 2015

Amsterdam day 1

The short trip I talked of in my 'confessions of an over-packer' blogpost was actually Amsterdam, which is where I am now ! I love Amstersdam and have actually been a couple of times before as I have family living here. Myself and my cousin Zoe are lucky enough to be able to come here for a few days as we have been planning this since about three years ago, and we definitely have some busy days coming up. 

I wasn't sure whether I wanted to jam the entire three day trip into one blogpost or do separate posts for each of the days... I decided on the latter as it will mean I can go into a little more detail about each individual day without the blogpost going on for longer than necessary. 

Anyway, let's get into day 1.

As this has been a long awaited trip we already had every moment planned down to the t - I'm not even joking both Zoe and I are secretly obsessed with itinerary's, haha. 

I actually made the mistake of having a normal green tea before bed on Wednesday rather than a de caffeinated one which meant I was running on about three/four hours of sleep - and I woke up at about four so we were able to get ready earlier and were out the house at about 9:30 am. 

Not going to lie we were both a little skeptical about just how well we were going to cope with the trams but with a little help from our Aunty who wrote down all of our stops we successfully managed to get to the area we planned on going (even though it was more Zoe in charge of directions - I just asked "is it this one" every time the tram stopped). 

When we finally got to into the city we were met with everything that represents Amsterdam; the beautiful canals and little bridges with flowers, the buildings (which I must have a gazillion pictures of so far - and it's only been the first day), bikes ... a lot of bikes and we got our trusty little offline Amsterdam app out and found our way towards a pancake house for some traditional Dutch pancakes - and they definitely did not disappoint. 

After the pancakes we headed to the bridges overlooking the canals to walk around for little (digest the food) and take my ootd pictures.

Today I wore;
Ripped denim Topshop jeans 
A plain grey r-shirt from forever 21
My jacket from New Look 
Booties from Asos

I knew I would have to be comfy as we were planning on walking a lot, so I unfortunately had to give my not so trusty leopard print slip ons a miss as they rip up my feet if I ever wear them for too much walking.

We then walked towards our canal tour where we found out there was FREE WIFI - can you feel my excitement as I typed this !!!???!! Zoe and I didn't talk to each other for about ten minutes whilst we checked everything we might have missed from the time we left the house until about 11:30 (please acknowledge the sarcasm, haha). 

The canal tour was amazing and I took way too many pictures - what else is knew there though. 

Fun fact: the reason the houses are so thin in the centre city is because back in the olden days when they were being built you paid tax which was measured on the width of the house - the thinner the house the less tax, sounds reasonable. 

After that we headed for the Rijksmuseum and we able to walk straight in as we pre-booked our tickets (remember super organised). I saw this amazing exhibition called New for Now which was all about fashion before the fashion press and all the media; it was about the first designs of simple magazine covers - as you can imagine I was in awe. 

There was also a Yves Saint Laurent dress which I was pretty content with just standing within a four foot radius of it as I admired it - again no surprise there, haha.

We then headed home at around 3:30pm (remember: 3/4 hours sleep) and went to this cool park near our family's house. 

I had a great first day in Amsterdam let's see where the next day takes us (well we know where it's gonna take us because we have an itinerary, haha).

Maija Lily Xx

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