Sunday 31 May 2015

An Endless Love Affair With The City

As I said in a previous blog; I've been religiously watching sex and the city - well actually I've just finished watching the series, after watching it episode after episode after episode. I mean, between Carrie's endless love affair with Manolo Blahniks and New York City its kind of impossible not to fall in love with not only the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker but also her apartment, her friends; Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, her closet and oh course we can't forget Mr Big. 

Cities intrigue me, the constant rush. My mum always tells me I'm a city girl, every now and then I'll say "I would love to live in the county and be a 'southern belle'" but my mum tells me I couldn't live without a city... And to be honest I think she's right.

Fashion and the city go hand in hand. One of my favourite things to do is people watch (in a totally non creepy kind of way, haha) I love 'inspecting' people's outfits who pass me on the street - on the busy streets of Oxford Circus, or on the cobbled roads of Covent garden. The diversity in style is amazing; there's outfits I see that I wish were available in my wardrobe and outfits that I would never consider putting together but I know it's a persons style, and I know that they are happy with their choice of clothing. Cities inspire people to gain individuality. 

You know when you're on holiday, and it's night and your laying in your bed- everything is so quiet just a few crickets whistling and a couple bugs buzzing, it's so different to the constant sound of cars, sirens and people that cities are so familiar with. Yet why does the city madness still sound so calm?

In the series (satc) it would be abnormal for the girls to not meet for one of their regular brunch dates, Miranda didn't even miss one - even with a newborn baby. The idea of meeting your besties for brunch is such a 'city thing' to do, I love it - the idea of getting brunch then wondering around the streets of Notting Hill or taking a sneaky peak in the shops. 

To me, the city is a confidence booster. The streets of London are endearing and although I'm so small compared to the busy city I feel so big when walking the streets. You know in sex and the city, normally at the end of an episode there is Carrie walking back to her apartment late at night maybe returning from an event or a busy a-list night club and she just walks in the middle of the street, and although the dark streets should appear scary they just look so welcoming.

Someone once said to me; "you live in London! Why do you want to go to New York so bad, all cities are the same" and in all honesty I think my mouth did that thing characters in cartoons do where their mouths literally fall to the ground. All cities may have the same 'constant rush' yet every city is so so different. Think of Paris; just one city holds so much culture, and although again it is a city which holds such an attraction to people it somehow remains with such a relaxed, calm aura. London; a city most likely on everybody 'bucket list' a city that holds centuries of history, as well as new buildings, shopping - we can't forget about the shopping, Big Ben, the London eye, Buckingham Palace. The list is endless. So if I'm So content with the beautiful city that is London, why do I want to visit the intriguing city of New York you may wonder? Well, I want to see Times Square (however much of a tourist attraction it is), I want to strut down fifth avenue, my arms full of shopping bags, I want to eat pizza from a typical New York pizza truck, and I want to stand at the top of the Empire State Building and look over the amazing 'island' of New York in wonder, I want to see what NYC has to offer to me that London doesn't. 

Again, a sex and the city reference, but I want to live in a tiny apartment -my best friend and I- where our clothes take up the majority of the shoebox of an apartment, filling every nook and cranny. Carrie filled her kitchen with shoes, as well as her heart with them as well. 

I want a love affair with a city whether it be London, New York, Paris, Rome, etc. (preferably NYC), I just want to have my very own slightly chaotic never simple city experience.   

Maija Lily Xx

p.s. sorry this is more of a 'wordy' blogpost. I've been debating whether to post it or not for a while and finally decided to post it. I hope you enjoy it and maybe share the same enthusiasm towards a city lifestyle as I do and if not a city life style maybe just sex and the city, haha. 


  1. One thing i love about Cities is that the people there wouldn't give a wtf-shes-wearing-look when you're wearing something unique. Ive had my fair share of that look, so whenever im out in the city, i make sure to dress the way i really want without being judged. Anyway, sex and the city is life!

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    1. I know exactly what you mean , the city just acts as a confidence booster in a way !
      And I don't think anybody dislikes sex and the city , haha !!


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