Thursday 13 August 2015

Secret talent & my all-time favourite handbags

It's true… I have a secret talent that not many people know of; its not baking (even though I do love to bake), no its not hanging objects aka spoons on my face (although that would be cool) no its knowing the brand of a handbag by seeing merely the strap or zip of the bag - trust me its a talent.

Don't believe me? once, just before we broke up from school for the summer holidays my drama class and I was in Covent garden for a school trip and all I saw from the corner of my eye was the corner of a leather slouch bag with a metal edging - which could obviously only mean one thing… Stella McCartney!! Impressed ??

Any who, I thought sharing my not so secret any more talent with you all would be a fun 'intro' into my new post: My 'all-time favourite handbags' - just incase you were desperate to know, haha. 

Unlike my 'talent' its no secret that I am most definitely a 'bag girl' I mean I could spend hours upon end looking at different bags even the same bags in just different colours… 

'All time favourite handbag' No.1 would have to be the Chanel classic flap bag. With a lot of bags you will find that they have a seasonal shape or colour meaning they quickly fade out of fashion yet this is one bag that I would happily  wear until I'm on my death bed (even then I'm pretty sure I would want it next to me, no jokes). If only I could some how get around the rather expensive price tag which leaves this bag on the 'one day' list.

'All time favourite handbag' No.2 would be the Celine luggage tote I loved it for a couple of years now and like most bags there is a variation of sizes of the bag I love both the classic size and the celine luggage nano which is an across the body bag (I can never resist an across the body bag) - so cute !

'All time favourite handbag' No.3 would definitely be the Saint Laurent sac de jour, I'm sooooo in love with this bag. Unlike the previous bags I've shown I like this bag in this gorgeous pink colour which is just so bright and fun and again its cross body bag - my fav. 

'All time favourite handbag' No.4 is the Stella McCartney 'Falabella' tote. I honestly love this bag in every print/fabric/colour there is. It is such a gorgeous casual styled bag that any body could easily style.

'All time favourite handbag' No.5 is the oh so amazing Hermes birkin bag which I think represents an aura of sophistication… ughh the things a bag can do! For this birkin bag I love the classic tan leather because as I just said - its a classic.

'All time favourite handbag' No.6 is the Prada Saffiano in navy which is more of a structured bag and of course I'm just in love with it.

'All time favourite handbag' No.7 is the adorable Chloe drew cross body bag. Never have I seen such a cute bag, especially in this lovely ballet pink colour!! I'm addicted to cross body bags !

'All time favourite handbag' No.8 is neither a cross body bag or a tote yet a YSL clutch; the the monogram chain leather clutch. I love this bag as I feel that it is very 'wearable' for better words - it could be both dressed up or down.

'All time favourite handbag' No.9 is the Givenchy Antigona leather tote. I'm always 'umming' and 'urrring' about grey bags yet I always seem to love this structured style bag in grey… again like the bag above I think that it is very wearable and can be used casually during the day or even paired with some heels during the evening for a dressier look.

'All time favourite handbag' No.10 is not exactly a handbag but I had to sneak it on this post because I love it so much. It is the Louis Vuitton Pegase suitcase yet another 'one day' item. 

So there you have it… my 'all time favourite handbags (and a suitcase)'. 

As I'm typing this I'm looking out my window and I see rain - a lot of rain, so much for summer right !! 

Also my bedroom walls have officially been stripped of the horrible wallpaper it once had so step 1 to 'redecorating' my room is complete.

Maija Lily Xx



  1. Oh yes, I agree, these handbags are stunning <3 ;)

    x Stefanie

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