Tuesday 25 October 2016


Ugh, as if! 

Yes, that is 100% a clueless reference; aka a reference to one of my favourite films ever

Ever since I was little and first watched clueless I have been utterly in love with Cher Horowitz's fashion - you know her infamous plaid miniskirts, knee socks, matching co-ords and yes her faux fur backpack. I think her 90's style mixed with her endearing personality which shines through her funny statements is what makes her one of my fashion icons, and all over movie crush!

When shopping in Zara (because I think we've all realised by now this is all I do) I came across this ridiculously cute skirt, which my cousin and I automatically deemed a "Maija piece" and coincidently is is also a "Cher piece". However I left without it and decided to instead put it on my 'Autumn Wishlist' which you may have seen. My grandma actually got it for me after reading my 'Autumn Wishlist' blog, because she's #cute. 

One of my favourite outfits for autumn is a cute statement skirt worn with a high neck knit and my over the knee boots - it is such an effortless outfit that never fails to look chic and it is always my go to look whilst it is still weather acceptable to get away with skirts before jeans and comfy bottoms become to only thing I'll even think about putting on if I'm leaving the house. 

This skirt is a lovely boucle esk material that feels like such good quailty and the texture adds a nice touch to the outfit, when worn with something simple like I did in this outfit as I paired it with my simple black knit and my over the knee boots that definitely aren't unknown on the blog and are never far away from me during the colder months. 

Today my cousin and I met for a long awaited catchup and because we had an exciting afternoon tea that our aunt and grandma booked for us when we got our exam results. We headed to the Pret-a-Portea at the Berkley that I have actually been to before and it was one of my all time favourite afternoon tea experiences so I definitely didn't complain when I found out I'd be going again. 

Since I last went, they have actually redecorated and I have to say not that it wasn't gorgeous before, but now... now it is what I'd call 'instagram worthy'... yes I'm talking white marble!

We had a lovely time; eating until we were in what some call a 'food coma' and we actually both bought home doggy bags full of cakes we couldnt finish because that is something I've come to realise - always say yes to a doggy bag at afternoon tea's!

Knit - Topshop (last year) Similar
Skirt - Zara
Coat - Zara (last year)
Bag - Balenciaga

I'd love to know what your go to outfit is for autumn!

Maija Lily Xx



  1. Beautiful outfit! Nice style!


  2. I am LOVING that skirt babe!!! So cute! You have the best style <3 xo, sharon


    1. Sharon you're so sweet! I'm obsessed with this skirt!

  3. Love this look! The skirt is so chic!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  4. I love this skirt! It's so pretty :) x


  5. I love that outfit, that skirt is gorgeous!

    Amy x

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