Friday 19 February 2016

My Current Makeup Routine

For someone who loves makeup as much as I do, my makeup routine has always been so basic or arguably the word could be simple - which is handy when I only have 10 minutes to quickly 'put my face on'. Though recently I have been trying out some more 'adventurous looks' which for me means actually making an effort to attempt an eye look. 

When I say my makeup routine tends to be basic, I really mean repetitive. It's more a factor of 'I know what I like, and I like what I know' but recently I've just been in the mood to burst that bubble of comfort and really venture out into the world of eyeshadows and liquid liners. Although you shouldn't expect to see me sporting all the colours of the rainbow on my eyelids now, I have tried out a lovely 'rose gold' colour that I wear with browny tones as well as this gorgeous silver/grey/green colour that is just beyond amazing. 

First I moisturise my face with my simple moisturiser which is my favourite as I have very sensitive skin and yet it works perfectly. I also use my dior lip balm so my lip aren't dry when I put on lipstick.

I then always start out with my Dior star foundation (which is actually a new purchase). I am so in love with this foundation and have quickly fallen in love with the formula and consistency; it definitely has enough coverage yet it doesn't cake up. It also isn't too 'matte-ifying' and has a slight dewy finish. Which in other words is just my dream foundation. I apply my foundation with a beauty blender as I really like the 'flawless' yet still natural finish it leaves. 

After my foundation I go in with my Rimmel London concealer in the shade ivory. I have used this concealer for many years now and I have no complaints, it covers any blemishes and my under eye circles with just the right coverage. 

Next I take my YSL touche eclait highlighter pen and brush it onto all the high points of my face; under my eyes, down the bridge of my nose, on my cupids bow and chin and also on the middle of my forehead in and upside down triangle shape. I again use my beauty blender to lightly blend it in. 

Now that I have my basic base, I take my Rimmel London press powder in translucent and with a light hand I press it into my t-zone and any other places that tend to get oily during the day. 

Once I'm done with that, I take my chanel soliel de tan cream bronzer and use a real techniques flat bristled brush to put some colour onto my cheeks, my forehead and on my jaw line. As the bronzer has more of a orange undertone it works best as a bronzer rather than a contour powder. However to contour, I use the infamous Benefit Hoola bronzer with a space n. k. angled contour brush to lightly define my cheek bones. 

I've been really loving rosy cheeks at the moment so to give my cheeks that look,  I've been using a Mac blush in 'all day' that gives me the perfect natural pink tinge that really adds an extra touch to my makeup. 

The last face product I use is honestly one of my favourite parts to doing my makeup... the highlighter!! I'm guilty of sometimes going a little OTT with my mac highlighter, but adding even a subtle highlight into your makeup look absolutely transforms the look and gives you an all over glowy look. So, its definitely a step I never miss. I normally reuse my space n. k. angled contour brush for my highlighter as it has very soft bristles and so it leaves a more natural finish. I put my highlighter on the top of my cheek bones, on the tip of my nose, cupids bow and on my brow bone to add definition. 

Brows. I have to say naturally my eyebrows are not terrible nor are they amazing, so they definitely need to be filled in a little. For a while I was using a brow pencil yet I really didn't like the finish it left so now I just use a dark brown eyeshadow that suits my shade and apply it with an angled brush as naturally as I can.
Next on to the eyes. In all honesty I normally dread doing my eyes because to put it lightly I really do just suck at it (I'm not even joking) but recently I purchased the Charlotte Tilbury 'colour chameleon' in the shade 'champagne diamond' and oh my gosh it is a life changer. It is the easiest product to apply - its like eyeshadow for dummies - and it looks so natural on its own and yet it can be applied in various ways to fancy it up a little for a more evening look and so on. It is is a crayon type applicator so all you need to do is 'draw' it onto your eyelids and blend it as you please with your finger. I have also been adding a browny eye shadow into my crease to give my eye more definition. I then take my eye lash curler and curl my lashes before using my favourite lancome mascara. 

Last but for sure not least is the lips. Definitely my favourite makeup product to apply. I have started quite the collection of nude lipsticks yet as of late Ive been obsessed with two. First of all I apply my Mac lip liner in 'boldly bare' slightly over-lining my lips where its needed but not going over board, still with the lip liner I also fill in my lips roughly to give my lip stick a 'base'. I have been varying between the Mac lipsticks 'velvet teddy' and 'mehr' recently, yet today I was wanting a more pinky nude so I went with 'mehr'.

I am so obsessed with this look as I feel it is not at all over the top; it has just the right amount of shimmer from the eyeshadow whilst the rest of the makeup keeps it as an overall natural everyday look.

Thank you for reading. I would love to know any of your holy grail makeup products as I love finding new products to try out. 

Maija Lily Xx



  1. I love he sound of Dior Foundation and Mac Blush, I must check them out! My holy grail Primer at the moment is the Becca Backlight priming filter :) xx

    1. The Dior foundation is so lovely, gives just the right amount of coverage without becoming 'cakey'. I'll have to check out that becca primer then, as at the moment I don't use one yet I'm on the look out for one.


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