Wednesday 4 January 2017

Starting the New Year with Goals

New year new me.

You know the drill, the clock strikes 12 on the 1st of January and suddenly, like magic the promise of diets and workouts are made. You wake up in the morning to see so many people jogging past your house you're half convinced there's a marathon taking place and you were the only one (in the country) who didn't get the memo. 

"I will go to the gym 3 times a week"

"No more carbs for me!"

"I'm going to wake up at 5 every morning and go for a jog"

New years resolutions, gotta love em. Everyone makes em, no one keeps em. 

New years resolutions have become less and less effective every year. People no longer trust new years resolutions and instead laugh at people who do. For some, they need the new year to fully commit to something with the promise of a new start/a fresh beginning. Whilst others are more hardcore and can (cut chocolate cold turkey style) any time they want. And so, New years resolutions have become a little bit of a joke around the dinner table and no longer hold the same meaning they once did. 

You know how it is... "So, what's your new years resolutions this year?"

"Cutting out chocolate" she says whilst eating chocolate cake.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't disagree with New years resolutions as I think it is so important to go into the new year with goals and aspirations, however I disagree with the stress that new years resolutions can bring. 

New years resolutions last for only a few weeks, maybe a month if you're really lucky because you work yourself up over the strictness of keeping the resolutions, so much that you fail. However goals and aspirations instead make you feel as if you're not cheating on yourself when you fail but like you just have not reached your goal quite yet. It is important not to pressure yourself with unrealistic goals - don't tell yourself you're going to go on a juice diet on the first of jan for two weeks if you know very well you're not - because that'll only end with you feeling disappointed in yourself.

Instead, try setting monthly goals. For January, you will slowly start exercising at home twice a week. By February, exercising every other day. By March, you'll be doing short exercise routines every day. It's all about building yourself up slowly rather than starting with unrealistic expectations that'll only knock your confidence.

What are my goals for the New Year? 

Professionally, I'd like to get a job as well as some work experience in the fashion industry. I'd like to write for a magazine, maybe even intern at a magazine. I'd like for my blog to grow in success and to grow a larger following so that my work can be seen by more people. I'd also like to start making connections in the industry, and grow confidence in my own work telling myself "you can do it!"

Personally, I'd like to get better nights sleep (no more staying up to gone one in the morning - just the thought makes me tired!), I'd like to start up jogging again as it is a hobby that I felt made me healthier but also gave me a breather from schoolwork and technology. I'd like to travel more - whether that means to Paris for the day or to somewhere hot and tropical. I'd like to focus better on my school work and really put my 100% effort into all that I do. 

All these goals (not new years resolutions) don't have me running to the gym on the 1st of Jan with a scowl on my face wanting to be anywhere but on a running machine but rather I'm excited with the prospect of achieving my goals at some point over the year - no rush, no pressure. 

Comment below, what are your goals and aspirations for 2017? 

Maija Lily Xx



  1. This is a great post! I agree with you about new years resolutions - I hope you succeed in yours, all the best of luck :) xx

  2. I love this, I don't have many resolutions to be honest because like you said no one ever really keeps them. I am going to attempt to do a few squat challenges though, hopefully I will stick to that! I am in love with your blog too, hopefully we can stay in touch.. I love making new blogger friends! x

    1. Gotta be doing them squats, haha!! Thank you so much for reading, I'm glad you like my blog - it's always nice to hear!
      I'll be checking out your blog for sure!


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