Monday 20 October 2014

My Birthday Weekend


I've been racking my brain trying to find something a 15 year old can do that a 14 year old can't… and all I've thought of is getting into a 15 rated film at the cinema without getting turned away because of having an incorrect I.D. haha.

Saturday - My birthday.
But anyway, my birthday weekend began on saturday, 18th October, which was my actual birthday. My morning began 'fairly early' (6:30am) when I woke up and jumped into my little brothers bed. Only for him to look up at me and say "what!?" with about as much attitude as a 6 year old can master, before remembering it was my birthday and giving me a big smile and hug. I later opened all my cards and presents. I got the 'Fast and Furious' DVD box set (which is one of my all time favourite film series), and I also just recently got my little brother, Max, obsessed with the films as well. I also got from my parents these really cool 'vintage style' vogue posters. As well as enough fashion books to last me… for a while anyway, hehe.

Mid Morning myself along with my mum and grandma and other grandma headed to Covent Garden to go to the Laduree (possibly one of my all time favourite places). 

We then got a cab to Mount Street where the Balenciaga store is. My mum and dad put aside a bag in the store for me to look at, try on, etc, because of it being on the pricier side. They wanted me to be 100% positive. 

As I entered the small store I was overwhelmed with things I wanted to mentally transfer into my own wardrobe. As I walked around I gently felt all the different materials; sheepskin, leather, fur. Until I found myself standing in front of 'the bag'. The second I lay my eyes on it, I knew I couldn't possibly exit the store without it. I tried it on looking in the oversized mirror, looking at it from the left then from the right then again from the left, but my love for the bag just grew.

We then headed home. Once we got home I got to see some more of my relatives and my best friend came round. Originally we were all going to go out to dinner but I decided after such a busy day I would prefer to just get Nando's take in and watch The X factor whilst we were all in our comfy pyjamas. 

It was a perfect day, filled with laughter and love, and I couldn't be more grateful.

Sunday - the day of my party. 
For my party, me and four of my closest friends went to the Sanderson Hotel in London for their Alice in Wonderland themed Afternoon Tea. It was super fun, again filled with laughter, far too much tea and far too many sandwiches and  cakes. 

I wore:
Black body - Asos
Black blazer - Topshop
trouser - Topshop
shoes - Zara
Bag - Balenciaga

I am most grateful for the entire weekend and all the people I got to spend it with. 

Maija Lily Xx 

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