Wednesday 25 February 2015

Stepping into Spring

Here in London spring is probably the most awkward season - fashion wise. The weather during spring is always identical to the weather during the winter, if not colder, which means there are no pretty floral skirts or denim shorts entering my wardrobe anytime soon. Although the colours for sure get brighter and more cheerful, we get to start entering pinks, yellows and florals back into are colour palette (lets pretend 'floral' is colour, haha). 

Shoes are maybe the only thing that change during this season; ballet pumps begin to be able to be worn without your feet freezing off and espadrilles come back into season, yay !!

This is my "Spring Shoe Wishlist"

Valentino Rockstud's

  • These are my absolute all time dream shoes (well valentino's in general) but for this spring/summer season they came out with these pastel edition 'watercolour rockstud ballerina pumps'. Pastel colours !! They have my name written all over them, haha.      

Zara 'Slip ons'
  • Last autumn I got leopard print slip ons from Zara and they quickly became an essential in my wardrobe, then when I was browsing the website recently I saw they had all new ones in stock and I fell in love with these metallic 'champagne' colour slips ons. They are perfect for spring - especially here where the weathers still lacking in any type of heat.

Chanel Espadrilles 
  • Every year Chanel brings out a slightly different design of espadrilles, and every year I fall crazy and deeply in love with every pair I see. This year as part of the Chanel cruise 2015 collection they bought out these gorgeous suede brightly coloured espadrilles which I have (like I said before) obviously fallen in love with. I mean… how amazing are they !!

Zara Booties
I'm not crazy about booties, but every now and then I will see a pair and be instantly in love with them. This happened to be the case with this pair. As you can see they are suede (I must be really loving this suede trend at the moment) and they are the prettiest sky blue colour. 

  • I have a love hate relationship with Tods - during spring and summer I love them I think they are the cutest shoes and are aways at the top of my wish list yet in the autumn and winter season they just don't appeal to me as much (weird, I know). Yet, I saw these gorgeous lilac pair online and as you can guess I fell in love with them.

Well, I hope you like some of my favourite shoes at the moment, comment any of your 'wish list shoes' for spring. A girls always gotta be lusting over new shoes. Always. 

(I think I slightly overused the phrase 'in love' during this blogpost, but I mean, that's what happens when you try describing your favourite shoes).

Maija Lily Xx



  1. I want those Chanel espadrilles flats for Spring too! The colours are so amazing and well, they're Chanel... one of my favourite designer brands. The gold Zara slip-ons are cute too. Great taste! x

    <3 xoxo,
    Sharon Wu of Style Lullaby

    1. Aren't they just amazing !! And I definitely agree,
      Chanel is one of my favourite designer brands.

      Maija Lily X

  2. Lovely shoes, the colours are amazing :)

    1. I have to agree, the colours are all so soft.

      Maija Lily Xx


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