Saturday 25 July 2015

Amsterdam Day 2

Rather than yesterday, today started out at a much more reasonable time; I actually got about 11 hours sleep so I was definitely ready to go and was overall thankful for my very long sleep as we were riding bikes all over Amsterdam all day... That its self is a story to tell.

For our second day in Amsterdam myself, my cousin Zoe and my cousin Jakob who actually lives here spent the day together. We left at around 11:30 and went to hire some bikes so we could get the 'full Amsterdam experience'. I'm not going to lie I probably hadn't been on a bike for about 6 years so it took me a little while to remember that I actually had to move the pedals in order for me to move, haha. 

After finally - sorta - getting the hang of the whole 'bike thing' we rode off into the sunset... Just joking we rode into the city to wonder around Albert Cuyp Market and to get some lunch. 

After walking around the market and getting a fresh juice we walked down this cute little street called Gerard doustraat which had the cutest little boutique shops down it (definitely somewhere I would recommend going). We came across the most adorable 'mini department store' called Anna + Nina which sold lots of cute 'trinkety' things. I got the cutest cards which I plan to frame and put on my walls, but in all honesty I could of bought the entire store. 

We then set off to get lunch as we were all feeling a little hungry by now. The blogger; Niomi Smart went to Amsterdam a couple of months ago and went to this salad place called SLA and my cousin Jake who lives there had also been there already and said it was super good so we decided to give the place a go; it did not disappoint. I made my own salad consisting of lots of super yummy healthy stuff, haha. 

We then retraced our steps and found our bikes (people actually forget where they put there bikes sometimes!!) and headed further into the city to try and find the '9 streets' which is basically 9 streets of boutiques... How could I resist, yet surprisingly I didn't buy anything- shocking I know !!

We also made a quick visit to the 'Fault in our stars' bench, because we couldn't not.

We were planning on going to Vondel Park; which is the equivalent of maybe Hyde park but there was another park just behind where we parked our bikes so we went in there instead and it was nice to just lay in the sun for a little. 

Today I wore;
t-shirt: new look
jeans: Topshop
shoes: hightop converse
bag: balenciaga

After laying in the park for a little longer than planned we headed back to get dinner at this really tiny pizza place that is soooooo yummy; I got this amazing pizza that had just an oil and pepper base with fresh mozzarella on it .... Mmmmmm. 

Day 2 was just amazing as day 1. Finding out that I can still in-fact ride a bike was fun too, haha.

Maija Lily Xx

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