Sunday 26 July 2015

Amsterdam Day 3

For our last day in Amsterdam we had a very relaxed start to the day, although Zoe and I had got bitten alive by Mosquitos during the night and I now have a very nice bite on my forehead to show, lovely. 

In the morning we had to drop off the bikes we hired so we rode them to the shop which was conveniently right next to the shop Hema which is a shop like 'tiger' that we have in the UK. I got a few makeup products because they were super inexpensive so I thought 'why not'. 

We then walked the short distance to the cafe/restaurant where we had lunch booked, we walked through lots of cute little streets that I of course stopped and took pictures of.

The restaurant was called drover's dog and was an Australian branch (a lot like granger & Co), I got a musli and yogurt bowl topped with poached pears... gosh I could eat that right now! 

By the time we got home and did some last minute packing we had to leave for the airport, but overall it was still a lovely day.

I had a great time in Amsterdam and I know my cousin Zoe did as well (even if the bikes did leave our bums aching) and we are both very thankful to our family for having us stay with them.

Till the next 'girls trip', haha.

Maija Lily Xx


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