Sunday 10 July 2016

10 TV Series To Watch This Summer

There is nothing better than being able to fully invest yourself into a T.V series and what better time than the summer to do so!! When summer comes knocking I always take it as an opportunity to do all the things I don't have the time to do during the school year; I read multiple books a day, and I marathon my way through T.V series.

I love T.V series as its like you get to really grow with characters and the plot line is always so fun to follow, and sometimes you just wanna watch something for 7 hours straight rather than just a typical 2 hour movie - (I have been known the spend an entire day from dawn till dusk just watching a T.V series... and I'm not even embarrassed about it!!)

I thought it would be fun to put together a list of my favourite series that would be perfect to start this summer!!

1. Gossip Girl

I couldn't not mention this as one of my favourite series ever. I've watched the entire series form start to finish twice but I am always re-watching episodes on repeat. The best thing about this series is that once you've watched it once and you know who 'gossip girl' is, it is still a watchable series as you realise you are no longer watching to find out who the mysterious Gossip Girl is, but your watching because of the characters; for Blair and Serena's incredible fashion, for Blair and Chuck (#chair4life), and again for the fashion!! I always find myself sucked into the Upper east side, New York drama that follows the characters and I love every minute of it.

2. Sex and the City

Another super girly, fashion and New York themed series that again I've re-watched too many times to count. There isn't really a plot line in this series so much (other than the process from the start to finish as the characters all grow and find relationship, get married and have children). But I love the series, there is something so inspiring about Carries fashion and her articles that she reads out loud in every episode that talk about her life as she includes her friends, her boyfriends (often comparing them to fashion items!). It is definitely the perfect series to watch (or re-watch) during the summer, you may even be inspired by Carrie and her friends weekly brunch dates...

3. Revenge 

This is a more recent series for me, and as I type this I only finished the series as of yesterday. As soon as I finished the first episode I knew I was hooked. Unlike the other two series this one is full of suspense and has such an interesting plot line that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout every episode. Just when you think you know the outcome, something drastic will happen and you will be left with your mouth hanging wide and your eyes even wider. This series is again set in New York, but this time in the Hamptons; Montauk and east Hampton. It follows the story of Emily Thorne as she, well, gets her revenge.

4. Scandal 

Amazing!! That's what I have to say about this series. I haven't finished it yet, which is strange for me as someone who normally flies through an entire series in a long weekend. Yet, my best friend and I started this series together and decided to make a very bold decision that we can only watch it together, and it kills me!! It really is amazing, I'm very into all the government/political style lawyer series, so if your like me you'll love this series. You will immediately fall in love with Olivia Pope and you'll just want to be her, yes literally. The characters are all so amazing that even when they do something... questionable, you still love them. 

5. Prison Break

I was very late to get on the bandwagon and watch prison break, although I'm glad I watched it when I did as a new season is coming out next year *jumps for joy* and the trailer is already out!! Prison break is probably one of my favourite series (and I do realise I've been saying this a lot) but it's just so incredibly amazing!! It stretches over 4 seasons, and it basically follows the story of Michael who is trying the break his innocent brother out of jail along with a few other in-mates. It's such a good series in which you really do emotionally invest yourself into the character; like, one character who I absolutely hated in season 2 became one of my favourite characters towards the end!! Oh, and Sucre, good old Sucre. Sucre is enough to make you want to watch the series.

6. Suits

This series is not spoken of enough! This is definitely one of my top 5 favourite series (she says with teeth clenched) it is again a lawyer based series that makes me feel that I could maybe be a Lawyer - not going to lie I think I know all about 'closing deals' and 'hiding evidence' by now (Lawyer material right here). It is another series that has so much suspense and edge of the seat moments. And Harvey Spector, oh Harvey. Let's just say it straight... I love Harvey!! The Characters are all so likeable but at the same time there is a few characters that will have your emotions feeling like yoyo. It follows the storyline of multiple characters, but mainly Mike Ross who is posing as a Legitimate Lawyer, but without a degree in Law. The constant worry that someone will find out will have you manically watching episode after episode. 

7. Pretty Little Liars

I guess I couldn't not include pretty little liars, especially when I've been watching it over a period of about 4 years!! I'd be surprised if you haven't heard of Pretty Little Liars and the infamous and slightly scary 'A'. With 6 series and a 7th one currently being released (every tuesday) it's been a long long journey, yet the series never fails to absolutely shock you and leave you wanting more after every single episode. You quite literally see the characters grow from 16 year olds to 20 something year olds in the most resent season. You are always suspecting someone, and yet you always seem to be thrown off. It is an overall good series to watch, and it would be perfect to start in the summer so you can really whiz through it and try to catch up to the most recent episodes. JUST DONT LOOK UP ANYTHING AS YOU WILL FIND SPOILERS!!!

8. Orange is the new black

Apart from the slightly 'intense' scenes, it really is such an addictive series. Although it is loosely based around the character Piper and her experience of changing from a normal life to prison life, each character has an in depth story that you get to learn about at one point or another throughout the seasons. You really start to feel for the characters, the unjust ways they're treated and you feel frustrated with the guards and all their annoying antics. The best thing about this series is that all the episodes get uploaded at once (which means I managed to watch the most recent season in 2 days, oops). 

9. Friends

Ahhh, you didn't think I wasn't going to mention this series did you?? Much like Sex and the City there isn't a particular story line which means it is the perfect series to watch by the beach, or by the pool or at home as you can just pick out certain episodes and you like, or just watch the entire series... 

10. Series to Watch

Last of all I thought I would share some series I'm planning to watch this summer. I've been wanting to start House of Cards, Dexter and White Collar for a while now. They are all very detective/ political/ intense series, but I do love those kinds a lot so I'm hoping I'll enjoy them!! I'm also most likely going to carry on watching PLL episodes as they come out weekly and the series SCREAM which is on netflix which also has episodes coming out weekly at the moment. I'll also most likely be re-watching episodes of Gossip Girl and SATC all summer because they are definitely my two favourite to re-watch, period. 

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far, and that you will find a series to watch from this list.

Have you got any favourite series? Comment below, I'm always looking for new series to start!

Maija Lily Xx



  1. Love all these, great picks!

    1. Thank you, Taylor! They are all some of my favourite tv series!!

  2. Great post. My favorite is Friends. Evergreen for me.
    You have a interesting blog.
    Visit mine if you want

    1. Friends is definitely a classic that you can never get tired of watching!! I haven't watched evergreen - I'll have to check it out!!

  3. I love all these shows. The only one I haven't seen is Scandal, and I definitely want to see it now.

    Thanks for a great post!

    I write Mademoiselle Meets Maquillage and Macaroons and I would love for you to give it a read, maybe we can follow each other?

    Deepti xx

    1. I definitely 100% recommend Scandal, I've still not finished it yet I'm sooo hooked!

      I'll for sure check out your blog!

  4. Sex and the City is one of my favorite tv shows! After reading your post, I will definitely have to start watching Gossip Girl!

    Kristen Tanabe
    Elizabeth, Marie, and Me

    1. Gossip girl is one of my favourites, so i'd for sure recommend it! I always find myself rewatching episodes on Netflix!


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