Wednesday 6 July 2016

Graduation Dinner (Prom GRWM)

Leaving secondary school is a pretty big deal, and at any usual school the year would end with big dresses, dramatic makeup and lines of limos (also commonly known as prom). However at my school, there being only 17 of us per year, prom wouldn't be all that fun (and slightly awkward if I think about it) so instead my school arranges a 'graduation dinner' where we can dress up and have one last 'soirĂ©e' with all our friends and teachers with an opportunity for lots of photos and lots of speeches. 

Sounds delightful. 

The restaurant choice may have not been the ritz (or my friends and I's idea of a nice dinner out) but when a school brings up the word 'tradition' you know it's not about to be changed. However, even with the interesting venue choice, my friends and I decided it wouldn't dim our sparkle and we'd still make the most of the night, and we did. 

I knew exactly what kind of dress I wanted, I knew I didn't want a long dress. I wanted something cute, lacey, frilly and summery. Not picky at all. My heart was set on a self portrait dress - let me rephrase - my heart was set on multiple selfportrait dresses. They are all just sooooo incredibly gorgeous that I want to own every single dress they've designed - no exaggeration at all.

I decided the best idea would be to make my way to Selfridges, and try on some styles of different dresses to get a better and more realistic idea of what I was going for. Off I went - straight to the self portrait section - and I found two dresses that I had fallen deeply in love with and didn't want to part with. Although, I said goodbye to them (after taking multiple photos in my 'chosen' dress - just for 'reference') and we walked our way to the shoe section in selfridges aka heaven on earth. My dad and mum later surprised me by ordering my favourite dress I tried on... The 'self portrait Abbie Lace mini dress'.

My best friend and I did debate whether to hire a makeup artist for the evening to do our makeup, yet we decided since it wasn't an actual prom we were both happy to do our own makeup. I actually love doing my own makeup anyway so I wasn't fussed at all. I didn't want to go overboard with my makeup so I settled on a classic 'Maija look' and went for a very natural champagne gold eye and a nude/mauve lip . I didn't really do anything that isn't in my everyday makeup routine, I just intensified certain aspects (aka a lot of highlighter). I also got my hair blow dried and put in rollers so I could have a nice bouncy and 'volumized' look for the evening. 

For shoes; I was very lucky and got a gorgeous, swoon worthy pair of Aquazzura heels that I actually can't stop staring at!! I got the 'Sexy things' style in the nude colour and the 3.3" heel height. It was the smaller heel (which I thought I wasn't going to like) yet once I tried them on I actually loved the fact that they were a smaller heel height making them that much more wearable and actually very comfy!!

It was a surprisingly lovely night out, and I'm very happy with how my outfit, makeup and hair turned out. I'm definitely going to remember this special night for a very long time.

Has everyone else had their 'proms'? I'd love to know how they went and what you wore (I'm  just a little bit nosy when it comes to seeing people's prom dresses...). 
Leave a comment below!!

Maija Lily Xx


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