Wednesday 2 September 2015

Dior Lip Products

I'm borderline obsessed with Dior makeup products - honestly it's becoming a problem, I cannot walk past a Dior makeup counter without eyeing up every product there is. The slightly carefree part of my brain is telling me I need to purchase every colour and type of lip product they have yet thankfully the sensible side to my brain is reminding me that I the last thing I need is 100 different lip glosses and lipsticks... Right ??! (Let me just remind myself again). 

Nearly everyone who knows me knows I have an obsession with wanting bigger lips, everybody has their problem areas and mine is my lips and since lip fillers are out of the question (at least for now) I've been experimenting with different ways to 'fake' bigger lips (on a side note maybe that could be a whole separate blog post !?) 

Anyway so last year I was in Covent Garden and they have a little Dior makeup store in the piazza so I went in on the hunt for the Dior lip maximiser which I had heard a little about. So I went in and found it but before buying it the lady in the store offered to put it on me first to see if I liked it. I immediately felt a tingly sensations on my lips which was the collagen in the lip gloss working its magic so to speak. So I purchased it and have bragged to pretty much everybody about how amazing it is now. I also got my mum obsessed with it and I'm pretty sure we're both nearly finished with our third or fourth tubes !! What I love most about it - other than the fact that it helps me fake bigger lips - is that unlike most lip glosses it doesn't have that horrible sticky consistency which actually put me off lip glosses for a long time until I discovered the Dior ones. In the lip maximizer formula they have about three shades that I know of (if there are more please tell me haha!!) there is a pinky shade which I believe is 005 then there is a kind of your lips but better shade which is both mine and my mums favourite which is 001 then my mum got a more beige nude in the shade 000 that I don't think she liked as much. So in conclusion if you haven't tried the Dior lip maximizer you NEED to !! 

As I said earlier on I cannot walk past a Dior counter without browsing so back just before spring I saw this limited edition lip gloss colour. It is honestly the prettiest pinky nude colour with a gold shimmer in the shade 584 which I find reflects the light perfectly thus making my lips look bigger (BONUS!) Again as I said earlier I love love love their lip glosses as they don't have the horrible sticky feel which makes your lips stick together it just makes you lips feel a little moisturised even. 

Okay and for my last dior lip obsession it is the Dior addict lip glow which is actually one of their best seller products and I'm not sure why I hadn't purchased it sooner !! I'm already obsessed with it and I've only had it for less than 24 hours. I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed when I bought it but I'm so impressed. I love to always have lip balm on my lips because I hate having dry lips so I love this balm which reacts directly to the unique chemistry of every persons lips before releasing its colour ingredient, amazing right !? 

So, I didn't know it was humanly possible to write this much about lip products but hey I guess I really am obsessed. 

I would also like to say this isn't a sponsored post (even though that would be amazing wink wink, haha) I'm just truly in love with these products and thought it was about time I shared them with you guys. 

Let me know if you also love these products or if you are now tempted to try them out !

Maija Lily Xx

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