Tuesday 27 October 2015

Anything and Everything Autumnal

Scarves. Yes, scarves. That's all that's on my mind at the moment - and I'm slightly embarrassed at just how true that statement is. 

It's crazy, I've gone from absolutely dreading autumn and it's chilly weather to embracing it with open arms. I've gone from hating layering and scarves and roll necks to buying a whole new wardrobe consisting of just roll necks and soon to be scarves - if no one stops me (that's a silent plea for help... anyone...)

But anyway, my newly discovered love for anything and everything autumnal has brought my attention to my lack of scarves; and by lack of scarves I mean absolutely no scarves. Zilch. So like any other person in desperate need of a scarf, I turned to the ever so trusty shop which I just knew would fulfil my needs - Zara. 

Zara - where you are guaranteed to find your dream scarf. Is that their catchphrase? No? Well it should be! 

It was over whelming at first. There was cashmere, faux fur, 'extra soft', plaid, snake-print, the lists were never ending. It was like a series of elimination; "no, not snake print" and "no, I'm not going to spend 80 quid on a scarf".

I somehow managed to narrow my search down to about 5 scarves. All that I'm seriously obsessed with. 

Can I buy them all???!!! 

Does anyone share my current scarf fetish and if so where do you shop for your's? (I probably shouldn't know of anymore at my current rate, ahah!!)

Maija Lily Xx


  1. Great picks! :)


  2. I love the camel coloured scarf, I've been after something like that for so long!


    1. I know ! I'm not quite sure how I've gone so long without scarves in my wardrobe ! Haha.



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