Saturday 31 October 2015


Okay, think patchwork - less scarecrow in Kansas and more... Coach Runway SS16 and you have my latest clothing obsession. The patchwork skirt.

This was a last minute 'oh my gosh its my birthday tomorrow and I don't have anything to wear' purchase - which I didn't even end up wearing on my birthday. Yet I loved it too much to return and also felt it would be very versatile for these upcoming autumn/winter months and so it was absolutely necessary for me to keep the skirt - right?

Navy, Camel, Maroon and black aka my favourite colours to wear as of late. It was like this skirt and I were meant to be... don't you think. 

Here's the issue though, here in London when autumn arrives it really is autumn and by that I mean its very bloody cold. So even though skirts look 'oh so adorable', I would much rather be wearing my undoubtably comfy Victoria Secret jogging bottoms. However, this almighty skirt is so powerful that it makes the cold totally disappear (I'm totally joking - I was abso-freaking-lutely freezing) yet I powered through it because, well, I'm deeply in love with the skirt. Plus, I'm trying to do this 'thing' where I don't just wear jeans every day of the week - in other words I'm trying to be more adventurous. 

Styling the skirt was pretty easy as there are multiple colours in it. I settled with my ever so trusty black chunky knit as well as my new over the knee boots along with my camel coat - which I feel will be a regular on my blog. 

After not seeing my cousin Zoe for atleast a month, we decided it was around time we met up. So we met in central London for a very cute and yummy Wholefoods picnic, where we did nothing other than gossip...

We went and sat in our favourite little 'park' in London - Hanover Square. I always say its crazy that one minute you can be on the absolutely hectic streets of central London; literally being pushed from side to side, then you turn down one road and you suddenly enter an abyss of peacefulness. It's crazy, but, thats London for you!

I was telling Zoe today just how much Ive fallen for Autumn this year. Ive always loved the gorgeous leaves, but this year Ive just been embracing every ounce I possibly can. From the fashion -ohhh the fashion- to the crisp autumn air. It's safe to say I've become a true autumn addict. 

Coat - Zara
Jumper - Topshop (last year)
Skirt - Zara
Boots - Stuart Weitzman

Have you fallen for autumn ? 

Maija Lily Xx



  1. Love the outfit!! X

  2. Love this outfit post! I need that skirt in my life!
    -- AshCam |

    1. Thank you so much Ashleigh, and I can definitely see that skirt becoming a staple in my wardrobe this winter !! Xxx


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