Sunday 25 October 2015

My Birthday: A Sweet Sixteenth


So, I have this 'thing' where I try and stretch out my birthday for as long as I possibly can - last year I did a blog about my 'birthday weekend', and not only did I enjoy writing it at the time, I often love to look back at it to 'reminisce' the day. So I thought I would again blog my birthday so I can look back at it in the not so distant future.

16. Wow. It's going to be very interesting telling other people that I'm now sixteen when I can't quite get my head around it myself. 16 always seemed so old to a younger version of myself, yet, (I have to break it to you) it really doesn't feel that different.

Some people may start their birthday with a nice relaxing lay-in, but no not me, I like to 'savour every minute of the day' I guess you could say. So my day started rather early (for a Sunday) with me feeling very loved whilst opening all my cards and presents. 

I then got ready for the day - whilst swimming in 10ft of wrapping paper. 

For my birthday outfit I wore; 
Blouse - Asos
Shorts - Topshop
Coat - Zara
Boots - Zara
Bag - Balenciaga

Once ready; my mum, grandma and myself all headed to Covent Garden to the Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition which was AMAZING!!! We got to see all the new collection as well as see the process of the making of the classic LV hard clutch. There was also a section where we could touch a selection of the pieces from the collection which was so cool.                         

After that very exciting experience we headed to my favourite place in the world... Yes you guessed it: Laduree. Honestly, it's becoming a bit of a birthday tradition to go there on my birthday. I had a green tea (of course) as well as the French toast which was life changing, no joke. 

Once I had drank around 4 cups of tea we decided to have a mooch about and looked in all my favourite shops though surprising I didn't buy anything!

We then got back on the tube and headed to Oxford Circus (which thankfully was only 1 stop) for my early birthday dinner. Yet, not before stopping in on the unmissable and massive Topshop. Where I did in fact buy a new pair of jeans and a jumper (gotta get that winter wardrobe going). 

Now with a Topshop bag in my hand, we walked the little way to Berners Tavern to meet my dad, little brother and best friend for an early birthday dinner. The restaurant had the most amazing interior, I was awe-truck. I had the most amazing time as well as the most amazing dinner (definitely could eat it right now). After feeling as if I had eaten enough to feed a small country we headed back home to watch the Xfactor (is anyone else watching it??) and had a nice night it. 

I had the most amazing, unforgettable 16th birthday and I'm excited to see what my new year brings. 

Maija Lily Xx

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