Thursday 8 October 2015

Current Makeup Wishlist

I am a slave to fashion, that's no secret, but there is nothing quite like feeling when you purchase new makeup. My makeup collection is quite very big, and yet I always seem to use the same few products; so recently I've been digging around my collection and I've been trying out lots of different products that I've pushed to the side. This is when I decided to make a Wishlist of some makeup products that I've been eyeing up recently.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hill dipbrow pomade  - This has been around for a while now and I've read countless good reviews on it but I have just never got round to purchasing it, one of the reasons being that they don't sell it in a store here in the uk which means I wouldn't know the correct shade that I would need, and for makeup I always prefer to try it before I buy it. But the next time I see it I will definitely be adding it to my makeup collection.

2. Wicked velvetine liquid lipstick - If you haven't heard of these... Where have you been ?! But seriously, these are soooo cool; they are a liquid gloss consistency when in the bottle then once you put it on your lips it dries into a matte lipstick !! This is yet another product I've just never got around to ordering because there is always something else to spend my money on but this is definitely one thing I'd love to try out.

3. theBalm Cindy Lou manizer - I've actually only just heard about this product after watching a 'glowy makeup' tutorial on YouTube yet now I want it probably the most out of all these products. I've read many reviews on this highlighter and they are all so good which had just made me 100% more sure that I want to buy it. From what I've seen it gives a really natural glow to your skin.

4. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - Out of all the three naked palettes this is definitely my favourite; I love all the golds and pinks and they are definitely the kind of colours that would go with my everyday makeup look whilst still looking quite natural. I actually recently just found out that there is a Urban Decay store in Covent Garden! 

5. Dior star fluid foundation - My cousin, Zoe, got this foundation for her birthday back in June and I've been lusting over it ever since - the one thing missing from my makeup collection is a good foundation. I always like a Dewy finish to my makeup rather than a matte finish and after reading some reviews on this foundation where people said it gives a semi Dewy finish without it looking oily, I was sold.  

6Hourglass Ambient lighting edit Palette  - Just look at it !!! How amazing does it look, the packaging is gorgeous and the products look gorgeous... Need I say more? This product has actually not been released yet although I'm not embarrassed to admit I'm counting down the days till it is. 

7. Charlotte Tilbury colour chameleon - I always enjoy walking past the Charlotte tilbury makeup counter in the Selfridges beauty hall, everything is just so beautifully packaged, right !? This is again a product that I just haven't got round to purchasing as I've seen it a lot and I'm most definitely sold about it. Each colour is suited for different eye colours e.g. For blue eyes there is a lovely champagne gold colour which I've got my eyes on. 

8. Charlotte Tilbury Lipcheat Liner in Pillow Talk - I've never actually seen this liner in real life only on other people but I've heard enough about it that I'm pretty sure I could buy it without even seeing it with no hesitation, I've heard so many people brag about this product as the perfect natural nude colour. Definitely one I want to try out as I love my nudes, haha. 

9. Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution lipstick in Glastonberry - I'm never one to shy away from a dark lip, in fact I would happily wear a dark lip everyday. Although I have to say a dark lip always looks best in autumn when it contrasts with all the gorgeous autumnal colours. If I do manage to get my hands on this colour I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing it at any chance I get. 

So there you have it; all the makeup I'm currently lusting over (Is that odd number annoying you as much as its annoying me???).

Is there any makeup your currently wishing for ?

Maija Lily Xx


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